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with firefox you can right click and select check spelling from the context menu (the menu that pops up when you right click). Anything spelt wrong will be highlighted. The only issue is you might be using an American dictionary. 

Also on that menu is languages hopefully you will have British English as an option. If not you can install a British dictionary, but it may be easier to stick with the American dictionary and a bit of common sense. 

After all we should have have a reasonable knowledge of how words should be spelt even if Americans might disagree as to how they may be spelled.

 blame him, I do

Ok I understand now-do you host this site Brumbull?

You seem very helpful-am grateful

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

An update on the problem with the 'My posts' page: the problem has been fixed on our development server. The fix will be published to the live site during our next 'site build', which is likely to be next week. I'm sorry that the fix can't go live this week, but do please bear with us a little longer. The other issues, including the spellchecker and the notification emails, are logged and will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Daniel Haynes


The spellchecker now appears to be working again


Now i am confused again-you are thanking Dan (?) but sotongeoff said the spell-checker was fixed

But Dan does not read the forum

Whatever, whomever, all is well now Thanks everybody

Thanks Sir Verdun

So thanks sotongeoff for starting this thread and telling us the spell-checker was working again

Thanks Brumball for alerting Dan and thanking him

Thanks Verdun for thanking everybody

Thanks Mum and Dad for having me

Thankyou Mr Speaker

Thank you too 

Thanks again

Isn't this nice-everbody happy


Thank grahamgarden

What does this () mean please?-your all doing it -is it some kind of cold?


Code-not cold-no thanks this time Dan spellchecker fixer

......the end

Anyway-we still await the proper fix-got used to this now-just hope dont get a load of catch-up e-mails

Well said