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It has been nearly a week now since this site had a hiccup-people are still grumbling about not receiving e-mails notifications-cannot access all their own posts- and the text is still small-although that is slightly better

I did read a fix was promised for Monday-it is now Thursday?

A little bit frustrating.

Perhaps an update can be posted?


Received an e-mail from Daniel yesterday that GW is one site on a long list to be looked at so no telling when it will be put right. Probably be today now!


It would maybe be helpful to know where this board is in the queue: "You are number 64 and a customer service agent will be with you in three weeks. Your patience is appreciated." Then play 'English Country Garden' endlessly on a loop tape.


It is rather annoying



It is irritating, but I think that we need to be patient - I'm sure that the IT support team's priorities are to the hardware/software that keep the business running and pay the bills.  And of course they may be a bit short-staffed as schools are on holiday at the moment.  

I'm sure they'll get a round tuit eventually 

Gardeners are good at being patient ................... aren't we?  (((hugs))) 


Daniel, I have improved the size of the text but am sometimes still struggling with small text in the threads I write in, ie in this box. It hurts my eyes (poor sight) to read what I have written. I think we as a forum would appreciate some indication of when there will be an improvement

Thank you




I have just been on the competition thread. Usually it flashes up whether you have entered a competiton or not.

It is not doing that so I have just enterde 3 times for the Rolawn

Twice for the greenhouse.

Now going to see what else is available



Hi Bjay there are a couple or 3 ways to increase the text size left ctrl key and the + key pressed at the same time. In Firefox there is the zoom options in the view menu, you can select to zoom in or out and select zoom text only. Every web browser will have a view menu. Some browsers will have menu's turned off by default thou.

A third option is stylish an extension for firefox which can tweak many websites  including this one.

It looks like an upgrade to the cms (content management system) has broken a few things. The CMS is a complicated beast at the best of times and the developers will be working on fixing the problems. Unfortunately the publishers (one of many users of the CMS)  will be waiting for the fixes to be released there will be many sites all over the world with the same issues.

So the problem area's will need to be identified, code written and tested released to the world, then the publishers of Gardeners World will want to load the new version on to a test server test it themselves and finally upgrade from this version to the new one.

Unfortunately downgrading to the previous version is not really an option there will be changes between the databases used and other parts of the system. So the only option would be to start fresh or restore from a backup losing everything that has been added since the current revision was installed. It's likely there are security issues with the previous version too which will be part of the reason for the upgrade in the first place.

In the end all we can do is sit tight and wait, hopefully the work around will help with the text and we will have to make do with how things are working now. Better to have the site now as is than lose it for a month or however long it takes for a new version to be written , tested, released and hopefully tested again.

Pennine Petal
Good morning Daniel, a negative response is a much better customer experience than no response at all! Perhaps you are on holiday? Or we are at the bottom of a long list of to dos ..........
Gary Hobson

I used to work in an IT department, at the sharp end.

These people have my sympathy.


Thanks Backest - I have done ctrl + but it does not increase the size in the writing box.

And thanks for the explanation - I think


Try the view menu, select zoom in and left click the menu item zoom in, repeat it again and again untill the text is a comfortable size. It works similar with left ctrl + you need to hold the ctrl key and tap on the + key until the text is big enough one press is never enough to make a noticeable difference




blackest-obviously you are technically minded-but a lot of users on here are not- and to adjust there computer settings is a scarey move-however minor-some cannot master downloading pictures or an avatar

I would just like a response from Daniel-seems daft to me to respond to personal messages but not post something for all to see

Jean Genie

I agree with all the above - I'm not techno- minded at all so don't want to start messing around.

It took me 3 months to post a link.


I understand what your saying sotongeoff. However isn't it better to know that it's possible to make a simple change and you don't have to suffer needlessly. The Internet is designed to be accessable by everybody, in fact it can be a matter of law.

To know you can make a change is useful information in its self. I think most people have someone they know who can do little jobs like adjust the text size, if only they know to ask.

Daniel is probably not authorised to make public statements on behalf of Immediate Media Company Ltd. People get fired for speaking out of line.

Anyway the site will be fixed when it can be fixed and nobody actually knows when that will be. If it was one of my sites i'd be in exactly the same position unless i was a developer for the CMS i'd be stuck with no answer to when it would be fixed.

Learning is a life long pursuit, i'll stop learning when i'm dead.


Easiest way to work round the smalltext until it is foxed, it to write your answer in Word or Wordpad and then Copy/Paste it into here.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the delay in posting a response. We've had a number of technical problems with the site this week, which the developers are working through. A number of changes were implemented last week, which have had unforseen knock-on effects elsewhere around the site.

I quite agree with the comments about the small text in the input box, and will request that this be changed.

I'm sorry for the delay in fixing the report emails and the problem with the 'View most recent posts' setting. Unfortunately I can't promise this will be fixed in time for the bank holiday weekend, but I've checked on progress with this and will update you if I hear back today.

I appreciate how frustrating these technical problems are, but please be assured that they will be dealt with as quickly as possible. We share a technical team with a number of other sites, all of which have development job lists which need to be worked through.

Thank you for bearing with us.

Daniel Haynes