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Can anyone tell me how the list of jobs for the week is selected? Are they tailored to the current weather conditions or are they generally 'what one does at this time of year' in normal circumstances? Also - with significant regional variations whose climate/weather is taken as a baseline indicator?

(I'm just wondering whether to remove the snow 'blanket' from my Mum's Clematis' and cut them down to size this weekend or leave them alone for a while longer.)


I think these 'what to do's must be based on averages. Just looked and I should be splitting my aconites. I'd have to find them under the snow first, then get in heavy digging equipment to get them out, then melt the soil round them etc..........


It is just a generic guide-you have to make your own decisions based on local conditions

If you notice it carries on throughout the year-probably based on somewhere in Middle England

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