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I am new at gardening, I have Parsnips in tubs and some in a small patch, My garden is 10mx10m, lawn in center, 4mx6m, so not alot for growing , lots of pots ,Ihave just lifted my dalias , stored in a tub with shreded paper, we had a frost last week ,upper Port glasgow, so i cut everything back , lillies, herbs, tomatoes, courgettes, too soon??. 


Have you dried the dahlias off?

Tomatoes and courgettes wil not come back -compost them.

Alina W

Why did you cut everything back? Lilies will die back on their own, and can then have the dead foliage/stems removed.

Many herbs are hardy and should be left alone, e.g., bay, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme.

BW Parsnips are sweeter after a frosting, many roots are left in the ground unless it becomes too wet then lift them put them in Washed sand in a cool place.
If you lift Dahlias put them in boxes with a covering of sandy soil or peat, stems down to drain any moisture and keep an eye on them, they too want to be in a dry cool place, a garage or shed. After a while I turn them upright in the box and cover with more sandy soil damping them very slightly, in spring you divide the tubers and plant up in pots to bring on.
I cut my herbs back in Autumn and the new growth soon shows though this year because they are now old I have taken some out and will replace them with cuttings taken earlier.
New or old gardeners we are always learning so ask if in doubt, someone out there will know.


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