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Some are here-

othere are dotted troughout threads

This was posted the other day -with some more links

Gary Hobson wrote (see)

A large number of people have posted photos of their gardens on a series of monthly threads. Have a look through these...





And there's a separate thread of wildlife garden photos here:

You can also see the 6,000 photos we've posted at a glance here (there may be more):


Gary Hobson

Using that last link, you can also type any additional words into the search box, to see all the photos submitted by any particular person.

(That search will also show any other photos that occur on the same page as theirs).

That query will show all photos, even those hosted on external sites such as PhotoBucket.


Lilygirl wrote (see)

Thanks, it looks as if they are found on a google search and not a specific place on this site?

Sorry-don't understand-click on the first link I posted.

Gary Hobson

Dont use the first link, it only points to a very small number of photos; use the last one.

Google indexes everything on this site and is the most convenient and flexible way of finding anything.

Another advantage of Google is that it also indexes photos referred to on this site, but which are not actually hosted on Gardeners World. A lot of regular posters actually put their photos on PhotoBucket, and simply link to them.

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