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Lavender Lady

I used to always get an email to say I've had a response.  Even though I've got the box ticked to email me.  Any ideas ??


LL - they tend to come in batches once a day ..... So you might get one later

Mark 499

I have the box ticked but have never received any emails for any post.

Lavender Lady

I used to Mark499 but don't anymore, I don't get them in batches either just nothing at all. 

Mine come randomly,



Go into your Forum Settings and check that you've got your Replies Notification default set to On. 

Lavender Lady

Dovefromabove, just checked settings and it is set to ON.  Very strange I must say.  I used to get them so don't know what could have changed it.  I haven't done anything with my settings. 


There have been some blips on the forum which the techies have on their To Do list - the problem is that when they sort one thing it seems to throw something else out of kilter.  

You're down near Diss aren't you?  Have you seen that a small group of us are meeting up at Bressingham Gardens on Tuesday? You'd be welcome to join us if you've nothing better to do 

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