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Great site,but when trying to enter comps there are no boxes appearing for the answer.

Just click on the appropriate little dark circle to the left of the options 

Cheers,but thats the problem no circles
beside the options



Me too-possibly browser problem then eddie-what are you using to view site?

On a motorola mobile, mat be that.
everything else great just the comp entries?

That is probably the answer-might not display everything-can you use smiley faces? people on I-pads can't apparently

No can't see any faces,are they on the left hand
side? Because i think that's where answer boxes are.

Along the top of the message bar-then it is the device you are using-for some technical reason it doesn't display everything that I can see on the PC

Hello. I'm on a PC but don't have circles next to the answers. I think it may be  because I changed from Internet explorer to google chrome.

I have chrome and circles

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