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I'm an Australian and a keen gardener. Absolutely love Gardeners' World (the TV show). Especially nice to enjoy watching the lush green of English gardening. 

I have one complaint, though. Would somebody please tell Monty that the Wollemi Pine is pronounced woll-em-eye, not woll-em-ee. It was discovered in the Wollemi (woll-em-eye) national park, west of Sydney, hence the name.

The name is of aboriginal origin. Some aboriginal names, ending in an i are pronounced with a soft i sound. Kurri Kurri in New South Wales, for instance, is said just like "curry curry". Bulli, a suburb of Wollongong (pronounced woollen-gong), also in NSW, is pronounced Bull-eye.

So, whilst it may be true that some say tom-ah-toes, and some say tom-ay-toes, there's only one correct option for the Wollemi PIne. 

Many thanks to Monty and the team for an informative and enjoyable show.

(And by the way, in Australia, we say Tom-ah-toes)


Hello Oz-Dave. My youngest brother lives in Perth WA and he constantly laughs at my mispronunciation of certain words including his address when we speak. I get all the stresses in the wrong places. I am learning - honest!

Hello Ladybird4. I hope your brother isn't too hard on you. The truth is that with so many aboriginal place names coming from so many language groups (something like 250 at white settlement) one often has to be a local resident to know the correct pronunciation. 

For we New South Welshmen Perth seems like a foreign land. It's actually cheaper for us to fly to New Zealand, and, I suspect, probably to Hong Kong than it is to fly to Perth. For me to drive my family to Perth from where I live in northern NSW is something like 4,300 klms or approximately 45 hours of driving! 


A lot of my family are in Perth as well,  they didn’t go as convicts, they all paid their £10.00 fare 😀 

One has moved to Tasmania, that’s a beautiful place.  The others have moved a few times but still stay in Perth, they love it. 

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