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Berberis julianae? Mahonia x media? Cortaderia? See a theme delveloping? 

I also hate pruning Rhytido's but don't have to do it too often. Also hate cutting back ivy on walls for the same reason. 

Isnt that why they invented dishwashers? To wash pots......


Pot washing- with you there Tim!

Pruning prickly stuff IDGM- yeh- high on the list too 


Not exactly gardening but I hate taking my shoes on and off to go inside, hence flip flops and crocs and mucky feet.

Battling against brambles (and moles) every year.

It's a large wild sort of garden and I've never managed to get on top of the brambles. Can't use weedkiller or wade in with secateurs in spring because of the bluebells and by the time they've died back the brambles have the upper hand.


Sara 4

Lordswood we just attacled a huge bramble by drilling into the mother root which was like a trunk having been cut back so often, and packing the hole with salt.  We sealed the hole up with plasticine.  Quite a lot of baby ones died as a consequence so we're hoping we've stopped it, but it has definitely slowed down.

Now where did I put that trowel....?

Hate taking my shoes off before I go to's soul (sole) destroying.............................I'll get my coat, and my shoes

Ha ha ha ha....sorry, still laughing at that brilliant joke

Fairygirl're getting worse 

Do you take your coat off before retiring though?

I seem to recall Monty once saying that he never washes his pots before reusing them  


I used to patiently (!!??) wash used pots, then one year I just ould not, for a variety of reasons, and had no trouble - never done it again.  I guess if you are running a nursery and making a living from plants you would, as you don't want to give your customers anything they don't want!  For the rest of us I think it is probably not needful

I agree re pruning etc., love doing it - hate clearing up afterwards - if I strike lucky OH does it for me!  At present it is all lovely, the sun is shining, the ground is damp enough so the weeds come out prety easily, , the roses are perfumed, the bees buzzing, the sweet peas almost overhwelming,  the lily  buds are fattening - the broad beans tasted wonderful, makes you realise just why we all do this crazy thing called gardening. 


Worst job for me on clay soil is preparing the veg plots at the start of the year in the cold - it's getting started - not so bad after a bit of digging as it soon warms you up!

I also never wash pots, but I do use JF on seed trays to reduce the chances of damping off fungus.


Yes, use JF to clean out the greenhouse too, when I can get it empty enough to do so.  

I think clean pots are important in the greenhouse but for outdoor use I no longer bother. I agree that trays need to be clean too and jeyes is very good for that.

One of the worst jobs is spraying/cleaning the greenhouse in autumn....always end up getting jeyes in my face and on my clothes.  Actually, just thought, I won't wear my suit  next time I do it................

I lost my favorite dead heading scissors last year,

this year when sieving my compost ready for seed sowing

i found them and they worked fine once cleaned.

Good old  Wilkos,  cheap but reliable!!



Verdon the frementodendron has to be the worst ever ever ever! Only had to prune one once and my skin was sore and itching for days. Its like the hairs on some cacti but it gets into places that they never would  2nd worse job...mowing. Try and avoid doing it find it soooo boring.

Addict I quite like mowing.  Lovely smell and I like fresh stripes.  The lawn is the back cloth to,all,the plantIng....if lawn looks good the plants seem to too.

Betty Brown Eyes

I love mowing too, best job in the garden for me, especially after a stressful day at work, i find it very therapeutic! Worst job...watering, I dont have an outside tap so I am in and out with watering cans, seems to take forever. It took me nearly 30 minutes this evening, and the annoying thing is it has just started raining  !!


Worst job is digging out bindweed. I do every year and it never seems to get less.

Dont buy any green compost frem Erewash council.

Guess where I sent all the roots.

Verdun wrote (see)

Hate taking my shoes off before I go to's soul (sole) destroying.............................I'll get my coat, and my shoes

Verdon you are dafter than me and that takes some doing.