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whats the job you hate in the garden?  mine is washing pots to re-use 


I agree, so I just brush the worst of the compost out and re-use them.

Clearing up is my least favourite task, Love weeding but the heap of weeds needs taking to the heap. Love pruning, but all those branches need taking away and shredding. 


I have tried filling the bath to clean pots but I just end up with a sore back. I love weeding with a hoe.

Pulling up forget-me-nots -  SO well named!


Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Pruning pyracantha... ouch!


and then shredding it along with the bramble and wild rose stems?


..all my green waste goes into a large recycling wheelie bin - I find this very easy... as for washing pots..what's that all about..?


washing trays and pots to re-use so you do not spread diseases


I hade a handy wee knife Sara which I used for all sorts I was planting a plant one day and lost it maybe in 100 years someone one dig it up 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Nut,last time I pruned my pyracanthas it was me who got shredded

Woodgreen wonderboy

I never wash my pots before I reuse them and I have never had any problems with disease etc. as a result. Perhaps you don't need to after all?

Highland Jeannie
Sara 4 wrote (see)

Looking for the trowel/secateurs/string/watering can that I had in my hand a minute ago. 

 How true!!

Afraid I don't wash pots either; did it once, got cold, wet & bored.

I used to enjoy pruning a huge pyrocantha we had along the end fence at our previous garden, & OH had fun feeding it to the muncher too  (boys' toys!)

My current pet hate is weeding tiny clover plants from the beds - they don't come out easily & I have to get an old table fork under each one, wiggle (the fork, not me) then grip firmly & pull. There are hundreds there, too, probably because it was just a field a few years ago.


My pet hates are the same as nutcutlet's and sara's, collecting piles of weeds and taking them to the compost bin. OH complains I always leave the heaps right where he has to walk, and looking for tools deposited around the house. He has painted all the handles of mine a bright yellow so that I can see them from a mile away!


WW, I'm sure washing pots is unnecessary unless you've got a disease problem. A bit of dirt is OK plants grow in dirt. Never caused me anyproblems but I don't keep plants in a heated greenhouse, that may make adifference (or not)


The ultimate worst job has to be clearing up after the neighbours cat...but there's a whole thread dedicated to that!


The worst job was pruning Fremontodendron.  Lovely looking shrub but spores from leaves, stems etc are so irritating .......getting into eyes, nose,etc.  very unpleasant.  No longer a problem because I got rid of it.  If you have it wear a don't need to,prune it to be affected by it as spores blow in the wind.

(Ihave Carpentaria  Californica in flower at the moment ....this is a lovely wall shrub)

Clearing up cat/dog mess is my most hated. Maybe the 15ft tall beech hedge.

Clearing up Buxus clippings was a pet hate until we invented the topiary tarp (I'm sure others have invented it too!)

With the weeds, I just pull them out, throw them on the lawn to dry out then mow the lawn. Never let the weeds seed obviously. 

Favourite job is the 10 or so Wisteria's we have to prune!


Not as severe as fremontodendron but Viburnum rhytidiphyllum heas lots of tiny bristles that irritate after a pruninf or a weeding underneath

Berberis julianae? Mahonia x media? Cortaderia? See a theme delveloping? 

I also hate pruning Rhytido's but don't have to do it too often. Also hate cutting back ivy on walls for the same reason. 

Isnt that why they invented dishwashers? To wash pots......