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Daniel Haynes

Good idea, alan.noakes, and one that has cropped up in editorial meetings before. It's definitely on our wishlist, too!

Daniel Haynes

Hello botticelliwoman - Kate Bradbury asked the very same thing earlier this week, actually. We'll add a wildlife gardening folder to the forum very soon!

I would like a scrapbook you can organise into different projects. For example this year I am developing my shade garden and my cottage garden, I would like somewhere to keep planting ideas, articles, inspirational images and products in one place but sorted into specific projects.

Daniel Haynes

Noted, craigthompson. We'll add that to our 'Record keeping' list of ideas - thanks for the suggestion.


Can we have info on raised bed veg growing please? I am disabled and my husband has built me large waist high veg and fruit beds...this uear I had a great crop but the spacing of veg is a problem...I know they can be closer but how close? there must be lots of gardeners out there with mobility problems like me who need info... articles for us would be good,,,

Emma Crawforth

Hello Churchill,

Please have a look at these projects:

In this one Monty talks about spacing potatoes, and the different effects you can get from spacing them far apart or close together.

Here, Chris is talking about overwintering onions, and the spacing you'd need for those.

This is Monty again, talking about pea seed spacing. In this case he's spacing them as close together as possible.

There are other videos. If you put 'space plants' into the new search engine you will find them. As a general rule, spacing close together will give you smaller crops that can be just as good. However, fungal diseases can be harder to control because the plants have less air in between.

Please do keep looking at the site as we are keen to put up more information for people with mobility problems. If anyone has any areas they'd particularly like to know about, please do share them with us.

Emma. team

Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but I would really appreciate a section that describes insects, good and bad, with really clear pictures, their life-cycles and ways of encouraging or discouraging hem. For instance, I know what many of them look like but I don't know how to recognise their larvae. I know there are books that you can get but they tend to be either very indistinct pictures or drawings or very technical for use by someone actually studying them, thanks


I agree maggie, perhaps there could be a friends and foes section in the forthcoming wildlife gardening section?  Until that time arrives, I've started a facebook group 'Wildlife Gardening Club'


I am all for wildlife friendly gadens, but when you have a Badger breaking down your fences, digging up the lawn, my patience runs out, we are both pensioners and now open our garden for the NGS, any help with keeping out unwanted animals, cats, etc out would be helpful?

Daniel Haynes

Hello maggie-1. That's a really good suggestion, thank you. We're currently reviewing ways to expand and improve the Problem-solving section, so we'll add that to the list of ideas. It's a good point that the information online is frequently too technical to be of use to gardeners.

Daniel Haynes

We'll be adding the Wildlife Gardening folder this week, Botticelliwoman, so watch this space!

pokadotdaisy: the subject of cats in gardens really seems to strike a chord whenever one of our bloggers mentions it. It's worth perusing the comments sdection, as it often contains some interesting ideas on deterring unwanted visitors:

Blog on cats, by Richard 'Bugman' Jones

(Click 'See more comments' at the bottom of the page to view all comments.)

A lot more people are using herbs in their everyday cooking, so how about a section devoted to herbs and maybe featuring the herb of the month. I grow some old fashioned ones like Lovage, English Mace and Winter Savoury, which you certainly don't see often in the supermarkets. These are all suitable for adding interesting flavours to foods, but I doubt amny people have heard of them, let alone know what to do with them

Daniel Haynes

Thanks for that suggestion, whitevanwoman. We're certainly keen to add more herb-related content to the site. We do already have a number of projects and videos (see link below), but it would be good, as you say, to include information on some of the lesser-known varieties.

Herb projects, blogs and videos on



i'm new to tis site and am loving the ability to search your plant database for  info on plants I am growing. however, I think it would be a good idea to list common pests against the plants on your database.


How about an area on the site/forums where members can do swaps?

Also, why not pick up/expand on more of the areas that aren't covered so much on the programme in its current format? Then the site could feed more into the programme as well. I'm thinking, for example, of viewer trials of various plant & veg varieties. It would be interesting for members to see how others are faring with the same crops, and would draw traffic from the programme to the website and vice versa. The site could log results in a little more detail than programme time allows and might help draw some useful conclusions about differing climate conditions etc countrywide. Seems to me the site is the place to be really interactive with members/viewers, and then use that info to advantage in full on the website (and in the magazine) and in brief on the programme.

I find the video guides very useful but they would be even better if they covered sowing right through to how big the thing gets and then how to harvest it or manage it so you know what you're about to take on.

Also maybe something on different types of gardens e.g. I'd be interested in something along the lines of Geoff Hamilton's ornamental kitchen garden and Alys Fowler's edible garden.

Thanks, it's a fab site

Daniel Haynes

Hello snarf. I'm pleased to hear that you're finding the plant database helpful. It's a good idea to include pest and disease information within the plant profiles. There are thousands of records in our database, so this isn't something we could do in a hurry! In the short to medium term, I recommend using our powerful search facility, at the top of every page. If you put in your plant name there, this will bring up a list of all related content from around the site and forum, including any advice on dealing with pests and diseases. You can further refine search results, by various criteria, including by author, date, so if we have the information you're looking for, you should be able to find it quickly and easily. I hope this helps.


Daniel Haynes

Reply to annieseed: thanks for the suggestions. Regarding your point about gathering information from around the country, we're always looking for ways to make the site more 'local and personal'. The next step in this process will be the 7-day weather forecast for gardeners, which we're planning to launch later in the spring. I've just asked my colleague on Gardeners' World Magazine, David Hurrion, about plant trials, and he told me that there are no immediate plans to run any ourselves, as we aren't in a position to run formal trials, in the way that, say, the RHS or Which? do. However, there are free seeds tomato and sweet pea seeds available with the April issue of the magazine, and it would be great to hear on this forum how people are getting on with them!