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Daniel Haynes

Reply to cloud8: It's good to hear that you enjoy the videos on In response to your point about including the whole growing process, from start to finish, nearly all of our videos are extracts from the Gardeners' World programme archive, so inevitably focus on a particular part of the process, e.g. seed sowing, or planting, at a particular time of year. I quite agree, though, that it would be helpful to have an overview, and we'll certainly bear this in mind when planning any new content. (From a technical/practical point of view, it can be quite costly producing video over an entire growing season, as it would entail several filming sessions over a period of months!)

You might be interested in the new Gardeners' World Grow Your Own guide, available in both 'bookazine' format, and as an iPad app. This features complete grow guides for 60 edible crops, including fruit, vegetables and herbs. Each guide features advice on sowing, planting, maintenance, harvesting and storage, together with recommendations on varieties and culinary tips. You can find out more here:

Grow Your Own bookazine and app

I hope this helps!



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Re trials - that's exactly what I meant, really; I know you don't have the wherewithal to run formal trials, but it would be good if there was a place on the site where members could make informal comparisons over results with the same seeds sown at the same time, or over different varieties grown in the same season, etc. Just making a bit of a feature of it, rather than leaving it to ad hoc possible threads on the forum. Giveaway seeds would be good place to start. I always found these ' viewer trials' one of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of the programme, but they don't seem to happen now.

Apart from the coverage from the shows, the programme often feels (to me) to be quite far removed from the general public, in terms of it being fronted by 'one man in his garden' with inserts from other presenters elsewhere, and with members of the viewing public not often in evidence. I would've thought that an interactive elements feeding back from the website and/or magazine to the programme would strengthen all areas and make them appear more cohesive. Programme, magazine and website feel like quite different entities at the moment. I've watched the show and bought the mag for many, many years, but my preference at the moment is for the website because it is interactive and provides content on demand in a way the other media forms never can.  

Picking up on what another contributor's said elsewhere, I also think it'd be great if there was room to put together a guide somewhere to ideal germination conditions for some commonly-grown seeds; for those of us who like to try propagating many new things I think it'd be really helpful. Instructions are often vague, and trial and error is expensive! 

Daniel Haynes

Hello again, Anniseed. Point taken re: the seed trials. I think you're right that we should find other ways to involve visitors in the site. One of the best ways of sharing the growing process with others is through images. We are planning the addition of user image galleries later in the year, so this would be one way to check how everyone is getting on with the sweet pea and tomato seeds.

Regarding advice on raising plants from seed, we actually have a whole project section, including videos, on this subject already. Some of the advice is plant specific, e.g. grow tomatoes from seed, while some is more general e.g. sowing seeds indoors, and will apply to a broad range of plants. Please find some links below, that you might find useful:

Seeds and bulbs project section (includes lots of crop-specific projects and videos)

Greenhouse section

Plant propagation projects

Sowing seeds indoors

Sowing seeds outdoors

Blogs on sowing seeds

I hope this helps!



Thanks Daniel. Re sowing, I actually meant something more specific on germination conditions - ideal temperatures and degrees of light/darkness for commonly-grown plants. This would be really helpful as this information can sometimes be hard to find, and to have it in one place would be a valuable point of reference.

The image galleries sound like a nice idea!

Thanks again for your reply.

I think some flash polling could be a nice little enhancement to the site - of the single question yes / no variety - as would give a flavour of what is affecting the gardeners. I.e. is couch grass a problem in your garden? Just an idea..!


I would like to see less about hedges on the programme, they are hard work  and would like to see the original Gardeners World team back again. I miss Toby Buckland and Alys Fowler and Joe's allotment visits. The present programme is boring and dull. And in the episode of the new pond we were not even shown how to edge the black plastic before putting on the stones or how to measure for the pond liner.  Sorry but there it is , the present show is rubbish.


I have used parts of the site for a while now, but have only recently started using the discussion boards, and I'm enjoying all the comments.

One thing I would like on 'My Scrapbook' is the chance to sort my cuttings alphabetically. Sometimes I look at the list and wonder if I've added my new plant or not. Then I have to search all through the cuttings to see. Not everyone might like to list theirs in A-Z format but it would be nice to have that option, if possible.

Would it be possible to add a 'swop shop' type board?  I am fairly new to gardening, and some things have done better than others, for instance I have loads of sweet peas and geraniums, but my foxgloves and salvias have not done so well, so it would be good to be able to post up what you have a surplus of, whereabouts you live, eg, leeds, sheffield, halifax etc, so you could possibly arrange a swap for what you need.  Being new to gardening, I don't know many other people who are interested in gardening that are in my area.  Swopping wouldn't cost anything, and would give beginners and those without much cash (and there are a lot of us these days!) a chance to have a better, more diverse garden.

Jean Genie

I would like to see a houseplant section . Indoor gardening can be just as much fun as outdoor gardening and it would be good to go directly to the topic. I suspect there are quite a few of us out there.


I would liike a 'My Discussions' facility so I can go straight to topics to which I have contributed to see if there's any more comments.  i don't want to be bombarded by email notifications.

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