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I've been on the what to do now part of Gardeners world . com And was surprised to see Agapanthus on the list of things to do in the greenhouse.

So do I just bring it in to the conservatory, forget about it until the spring 

Do I cut it back?



flowering rose

I bring them into the shed the ones I have in pots and cover the others if very bad weather.I dont cut them back unless they are getting messy.


do I water them or just forget about them 

shame they have to come in now as they look so pritty with there deep green leaves 

o'well if I must 



They do fine here in pots shoved up against the house eaves. Warm, sheltered and not too wet. How different is your weather to mine James? 


I would say about the same I will put them on the patio next to the  conservatory so they are out of the wind 




I have a dozen agapanthus,evergreen & deciduous,and I leave them out in their containers all year and just cover them with fleece bags and they have survived our weather in Cardiff and always bloom in July/August.
Stacey Docherty

I leave mine out not even covered all year and never had any problems. It is in a pot near the house ..... Got about 35 flowers this year


thanks stacey I didn't get a single one LOL fingers crossed for next year


Well, if you want some advice straight from the horse's mouth ...... I was at Harrogate Flower Show today and went to ask the lady on Hoyland Plants about caring for Agapanthus in pots, because I had bought 3 Arctic Star plants from them at the Spring Show.  She said to put them under cover (shed/garage, greenhouse etc) in November and keep them dry.  Don't water them at all.  But it may depend on the variety you are growing and where you live.

I have grown some agapanthus from seed in a nice terracotta pot which is about 3 years old.......when will I get flower spikes and is there something I should do to encourage it to flower. It seems a long waiting game !



The way I understand it is flowers will appear when the plant is just about pot bound



Last summer I planted 3  in bloom agapanthus Sky Rockets in a terracotta bowl - last autumn I overwintered them  in a sheltered corner of our terrace, with the bowl raised on bricks to aid drainage and I wrapped the bowl in a couple of layers of bubblewrap.  We had a horrendous winter with long very cold spells and about 2 ft of snow hanging around seemingly for 3 months.  

Several of the terracotta pots on the terrace were badly frost-damaged but the agapanthus survived and have been blooming again beautifully this year.  

It's only now that I discover Agapanthus Sky Rocket is not supposed to be winter-hardy 

Sky Rocket is obviously made of sterner stuff Dove and benefitted from the bubblewrap blanket.  Do you have a photo of it in bloom this summer?


Sorry no photos - I've been very limited in my recording of this glorious summer - too much work, too much socialising and a dying and now dead camera   I have bought myself a new one, but in preparation for my trip to Central Russia next year I've bought a more sooper dooper one than previously, and am now earnestly studying the 148 page manual 

OH has just reminded me that I did take some photos of the pots on the terrace - they're on the dead camera 


Agapanthus in all it's varieties thrive down here.  In pots though in most areas it's advisable to do as dove wrap the pots in fleece, bubble wrap, straw, blankets etc.  It's the roots that are susceptible to frost.

Im not sure they need to be root bound to flower well.......too root bound and they wont.  I've frown them very well in the open ground in a rich part of my garden.  They flowered beautifully but also produced lots of foliage.  When moved to more open and poorer soil comditions they flowered just the same but without the excess foliage.  I also grow them in pots ....they were potted on last spring and will be further potted in 2 years.  Works for me

Kathy 2

My blue ones (don't know the name) have been in the ground since I got them about 8 or 9 years ago - clay soil. They started flowering a few years ago, first 1 stalk then more - the last couple of years I have had 5 flowers. I don't do anything to them for winter and they come up every year. I have never divided them (not sure if I'm supposed to do so). We live near Manchester.

I bought an agapanthus today as I saw it today for the first time in garden centre, It was attracting lots of bees which is what tempted me to buy it. I was advised to keep it in pot so sunk it in border against garage wall. As I live in Leeds when would be the best time to move to green house as it can get a bit frosty here at times. On the label it says its Sunfield.

caroline roses carter

i have a agapanthus its blue,should i put it in a pot,its in the ground,and has 8 flowers on it,there going over a bit now,can i move it now,any advice,please


Agapanthus dislike winter wet more than they dislike cold.  They also flower better when their roots are a bit congested.  So for that reason I keep mine in pots and put them in a cold GH for the winter - which keeps them dry too.  I normally take them in about November, leave them alone til March, when i start to water them again, and then put them back outside in April.  By then I need the GH space for other things.  Hope that helps