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Your flower pictures are lovely 

Great pics. Nice to see keep up the good work

Whats the flower in your 3rd pic please?

Scott Edwards

Absolutely lovely flowers and photos.


Hi  Pieris,  the flower  is a poppy called pink fizz,  ( they are seeds),    they are a hardy annual,



Lovely pink shades all of them. And I was going to ask about the Pink Fizz as well but pieris beat me to it.  It's gorgeous.

Thanks  for all your  comments,   i love growing flowers and cuttings, and also buying plants the pink plants are the best.......    i also enjoy photography very much, 


missf - I would never have guessed that it was a poppy.  Lovely flower and lovely photography.

Flora - lovely quirky ideas that set the plants off well without overpowering them. They are the stars

Lovely flowers - I love the perfect roses especially.  Flora, I love your display ideas. 

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