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i have seen this offers page and I'm smitten with the hellebores. But has anyone got experience of the plant Sarcococca confusa? Will it go in borders or pots only??



...either...I've got it in a border... full shade.... it's very dull most of the year, coming into flower shortly... Nice scent but overrated in my opinion, unless you plant several bushes together and have the room for that... that's how they display them in garden centres to tempt us.... a single plant on it's own, I find, doesn't do a great deal... the scent experience is brief...

It's a hardy shrub which has white scented flowers in winter, and is good in winter borders.


I've recently bought one which is going to be planted out in a sort of semi-woodland area I'm creating at the end of the garden 


I like it. Totally hardy in the garden for years.


Easy, evergreen looks bit like privet, womderful scent in February/march.  Easily pruned. Compact.  Will grow in sun but partial shade is best.  Have 3 of these.  Nothing seems to botheeither either pest nor disease.  I love it for its scent that wafts across the garden.  It's a great foil for other plants.  

Red, they're not expensive.  Buy one and, if you mulch it well, it will easily make another plant.  Or just layer it.  

There are different varieties but all have that wonderful scent 

Oh!  It will grow in pots...I have spare plants growing in pots....but best in the ground.


Agree with Salino - boring and not that aromatic. Sarcococca hookeriana var. digyna ‘Purple Stem’ is a far superior plant in both looks and scent. Both sucker but very slowly. Both do best is deep shade as per the above.

Would it grow in a boarder that is near. Conifer hedge shade, or would it pull???? My border is about 2 ft higher than the neighbours conifer roots and has been enriched and is quite moist for being near conifers, just we get the shade from all one side!! 


Sounds fine for it!

Red, I LOVE it's scent.

I remember my nephew as a boy passing sarcoccoca and askiNg what that lovely smell was.  It is worthwhile. It will not give you any problems.  It IS deliciously scented.

Your site sounds ideal for it.  

But, check its details out  for yourself Red and then decide.  

Will do. Just wanted to play off all of your knowledge. is that offer good or are there better value/ better varieties! I want every plant but it sounds like it is good if I can trim to a shape keep compact is evergreen and creates a smell!! ????

Just checked out woottens offer re sarcoccoca.  Did you want 3 plants?  I think one is enough then you can propagate to get more if you so desire.  .??? 

Why not phone your GC and ask if they have any in stock or are any coming in.  


I was possibly thinking one for the back and 2 shaped in pots or one for the back and one for each bed at the front. It depends if I can source cheaper or better variety!!

Red, I did check out on line ....jacksons nursery, etc., .....but because sarcoccoca is not a rare plant it should become available soon in GC so I would wait if you don't really fancy paying some of these (high) postal charges.  If you bought a sIngle plant  from Jacksons or woottens it would obviously be cheaper! 

Or, instead of paying out for woottens collections why not get another plant from them ....hellebore, offset the carriage charge?  Not sure, but I think the carriage would be same for 2 plants as for one and you have the fun of 2 new additions to your garden. 


your just egging me on aren't you, I really really like the 3 white hellebores called white frills or something. Again 3 for £20 so one for each site I'm my head!!!! I will just tell my partner that Verdun said I had to!!!

YOU HAVE TO RED.    The collections don't seem to be that generous.  Get your hellebore, sarcoccoca and something else.  Next year you will have a cutting from sarcoccoca growing anyway ............have I won the day?  


Check out  Paddock plants before you order sarcoccoca, etc.  Their price is reasonable for 2litre pots and they supply other plants you might like.....e.g. Eryngium jade frost which is a beauty.

I have used them a few times and always have been satisfied.  

Oh, agastache sangria is available there too at £3 each.  This is a true beauty 

Verdun you are truly evil what have you done I have just purchased 36 pounds worth of plants!!!!!!!! Maybe I should not admit to doing this when asked!!!! The plant fairy ordered them!!!

agastache red flame

dicentra spectBilis

echium. Russicum


euphorbia ascot

veronica Royal ...

Hee hee hee.  My evil plan worked 

Nice plants too