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Marion. I too have been away for a few days-congratulations on your Bronze award. However, I think you deserve a Gold just on your enthusiasm alone!!Hope you get your laptop sorted soon as I am missing your posts.

  good morning, another sunny day, noticing the shade deepening which is useful as I'm divding plants and generally looking to move things around later in the month.

The reasons for renaming plants is fascinating, can understand so now relearning - bit at a time  

I'll be in the garden today, my fences need painting so they're getting a darker colour to help next years flowers stand out more  

Its a bit like the start of the gardening year for me-I am now itching to get moving stuff around and planting bulbs.........I can't wait, and I get excited when the bulb catalogues start arriving!!! How sad is that!! Another lovely day-its a shame that I had to go to work when I could be gardening

 morning everyone. 

Your fence will look good Fruitcake, a dark colour is very effective,  my neighbours have a good show of crocosmia against a black painted ranch style fence. 

Had my first bulb catalogue last week Linda  It is exciting, such glorious flowers to come! Thinking of planting more in pots this year as borders are well established and I can move them as necessary. Sharing an allotment has made me think of time available too. 

Talking of time seem to have spent a lot  on pruning theses last few weeks. Several trips to the  council recycling place (no bins for green waste here: plastic bags collected). A third trim for the wisteria and serious thoughts about pruning back the berberis shrubs which are encroaching onto the lawn. The trees will need thinning out too, the greengage has had such a good crop one branch has broken. Dug over a border, divided plants and put in pots ready for our local gardening club plant sale at the end of the month.




Pruning is the biggie at the moment Bizzie-my my green bin gets emptied every other week, and its always full! We are lucky here-the council provides us with a big green waste bin....but there is never enough room in it, and I have a compost heap too that seems to get bigger and bigger!! I've got lots of trees and shrubs that need thinning out this year, including a Berberis that thinks it is a Triffid-hubby complained bitterly because he got stabbed by the prickly bits when he cut it down Jobs for the weekend include digging two big holes for my Magnolias that are in pots, and putting fresh compost on my big planters, and giving all the plants a bit of a feed. The lovely weather is great, but my water butts do need filling now-all my pots are very dry, and I have to water the garden every day.

BizzieB my fence painting has turned into a bit of a nightmare- ronseal one coat clearly DOES NOT do what it says on the tin  So far, two fences have needed five coats! It's going to take a lot longer to do than I'd thought. But I've started, so I'll blimmin well finish lol.

I'm also in the process of putting up a second greenhouse in my garden, up against my shed. when we moved the potting bench away, we realised that the shed needed a lick of paint too, as well as the wall between the gardens, so I've been doing that too, so far only the two where the greenhouse is going, then the rest will have to be done. I'm hoping to get it all finished by the end of next week. There are a few fences that I can't get too because of plants in the way but there isn't a whole lot I can do about that! 


Times like this, this, I could do without having to work! 

Fruitcake, are you trying to paint over that horrible red creosote, the people who used to own our house used the red stuff and it so hard to aint over, weve ended up getting new panels all round and used a nice dark creosote, i know what you mean by fitting it around work and weather :-\, i keep trying to win the lottery but no such luck

Well done Marion.    The girl did well 

Beautiful pictures as always  Marion. 

Flumpy the old stuff was red cedar paint. I've painted a couple of non painted panels today and it's gone like a dream, so clearly the red is a problem. Still doesn't make ronseals claim right though. It still doesn't do it in one coat. 

Still, the greenhouse is up now, the wall is painted fully and the front of the shed is done too 

I cant win the lottery either lol, and its not for the lack of trying! 


Fruitcake glad you got your green house finished, and you've been lucky with the weather too , wanted to plant out my curly Kale after work but I was booked in for legs, tums and bums, I've given five plants to my dad and got four left for myself 

Hope you've got them in now flumpy (my autocorrect wants to change you to "clumpy" lol) 

still painting those darned fences  My complaint is in with ronseal so we shall see what they have to say for themselves 

After a slow start my plum tomatoes are starting to turn red!! Still getting Dwarf Beans and Mange-tout. The F1 Marion Carrots have put out some fab top growth, so I am hopeful for some big Carrots-very surprised that they have grown so quickly after such a late start (beginning of August), but I suppose it is down to the good weather.Magnolias now in the ground, and still lots of pruning to do!!!! You've reminded me Fruitcake-the garage doors need restaining, but I think they may have to wait until next year.


Fruitcake ha clumpy lol, I'm suprised it's not changed me into clumsy, because I can be very clumsy 


Hello, everyone.  I am back on my new laptop with Windows 80 which is taking some getting used to.  The fan on my old one died and could not be mended.  I have hundreds of emails to answer and lots of fb friends to reassure I am still around.  The computer man is coming on Tuesday to set all my apps up so i have lots of pics to send then.  Mr Fothergills want to carry on the Nation of Gardeners project after October they have been so impressed with our work!


Hello Marion  good to hear you are back on line. Look forward go the photos.


What a lovely gardening day is ahead of us in Bristol.  I should be able to get my September sowings of six saladings in the potager for cut and come again salads for the rest of the autumn for Mr. Fothergills Nation of gardeners trials and the rest of my RHS collection of alliums I had from my friend for my birthday planted, plus hundreds of daffodils and hyacinths.  It is so energising to see the sun shining early once more.  Dull days do not inspire the same.  Cooler in the conservatory this morning when I went to pick the ripe tomatoes so I think we may have had a cooler night than of late when it has sometimes made for uncomfortable sleeping.  I am really glad to be back online, BizzieB.

Good ??ou are back online Marion 


Marion  Missed you heaps, has all your scaffolding come down now?, and all fixed?.

I gave five of my curly Kale to my dad and I have planted out four in my own garden, my tomatoes are bigger than a 50p but still green, when do they turn red ? The plants them self are nearly 5ft  And still flowering.

lovely to have you back Marion, it's bright blue sky today can't wait to cut the lawn, I planted all my tulip bulbs yesterday all over the garden.

Welcome back Marion  

I'm taking advantage of the sun and finally finishing my fences! Already my plants look fab up against the darker colours, hopefully I'll get some pics later on when everything is moved back where it should be