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18/11/2014 at 14:08

Such a lovely morning of gardening in brilliant sunshine.  All the saladings for the winter sown outside under cover as asked by Mr. Fothergill and keeping Bob Flowerdew's strawberries company.  A huge bunch of my delicious grapes were demolished for lunch and I found to my delight the oxalis leaves are lovely in the autumn too  Took a picture of my smallest acer sparkling in the sunshine.

 These are the salad leaves we had to sow for Mr Fothergills Nation of Gardeners Trials end of September which I raid every day for my sandwiches and evening salad though you would not notice as I sowed so thickly.  They have done very well in this mild autumn we have had in Bristol.


19/11/2014 at 11:17

Such a wonderful program about Northumbria in "Glorious Gardens from Above" yesterday.  I shall miss this afternoon treat at the end of the series.  We really are a splendid country for gardens.  Garden enthusiasts from all over the world must look upon us as their Mecca.  Another dry sunny day in Bristol today so more work outside.  I really am enjoying November now.  The sunshine makes a great deal of difference to my enthusiasm.

21/11/2014 at 09:11

Flu has put a damper on my enthusiasm.  I spent all of yesterday in bed and think i will do the same today as it is pouring with rain and set to stay like that all day.  As I have not been in contact with anyone for ten days before I got ill I think the flu must have come from the new bag of compost I opened on Monday afternoon.  I have heard of this and should have been wearing a mask.  Kicking myself now.  I will nibble some dry toast and sip leaves of satsumas all day again today as the nausea is still with me though my temperature is back to normal now.I can look forward to catching up with Glorious Gardens from Above when i have recovered.

21/11/2014 at 09:36

Sorry to hear you are poorly with the flu happymarion. Hope it gets better soon.

I know i may be considered a crank but i beat off a flu bug in about 18 hours that some of my friends had for two weeks.I discovered the use of baking soda and have been using it for two years and have not had the flu or major cold symtoms sinse. I would just ask you to look at it.

It actually makes a lot of sense when you read through it.



21/11/2014 at 10:05

Thank you, Edd but this is not a cold but influenza, so should be over in three to five days, probably three as i caught it so quickly.  High tempersture and nausea alerted me.  I have used sodium bicarbonate to good effect for mucus especially when any of the children were miserable with blocked noses - babies can be so fractious with such colds.  Feeling a bit better but another day in bed keeping warm will do no harm.

21/11/2014 at 10:11

Works for many things happymarion including influenza. I do hope you will be feeling better soon.

Drinking baking soda for your health.


21/11/2014 at 16:49

Took my duvet with me from my bed and ensconced myself on the sofa as I did not want to miss Christine in Gloucestershire, though I know it so well just living right next door.  In fact the stream that runs under our road at the bottom end is the boundary between Bristol and Gloucestershire.  It was all very familiar but comforting for being so.  So much of Gloucestershire is now malls and business parks.  I was hoping to see Hidcote's wonderful veg. garden where the pigs Ernest and George (called after Ernest Wilson and George Forrester) are moved about to manure the ground.  I remember the pretty bee enclosure too and the view over the Malvern Hills.  Kiftsgate Rose I attempted to make a video of from one end to the other and, trying not to shake my camera my feet got stuck.  I was surrounded by a coachload of Dutch people but one could speak good English and was a doctor and carefully helped me unwind.  They then all wanted to see the video, so I played it back to them.  One of those statues in Kiftsgate is a very lovely one of a mother and child.  The child has an enormous bottom - perhaps predicting the childhood obesity problem we have now.  Nothing like a good gardening program to take your mind off the flu - I need more black coffee now.

21/11/2014 at 18:13

Keep warm happymarion. 

Yesterday at 09:28

Warmer today Verdun but I am hoping to get dressed later  in the morning so have stripped the bed to stop me crawling back into it.  I found three unopened bottlesof disinfectant under the sink so tomorrow when the ache in my neck from weakness goes I should be able to get the toilet, bathroom and kitchen disinfected and on Monday will go round all the door handles and surfaces I may have infected.   Soup for lunch today should help and it is better for the ache in my neck to sit in a straight back chair than lying in bed.  Bristol is very very wet this morning and the duck pond at the back door will keep visitors isolated anyway.  A few more days should see me non infectious and ready for visitors.  This evening I will raid the freezer for some nourishing food.  I froze loads of strawberries and have made my tomato crop into luscious pasta sauces  - just writing about them has made me feel I could eat something so toast here I come.

Yesterday at 09:36

I hope you are on the mend soon,marion. Did you have a flu jab.?

I have only had flu twice. Both times it came on very quickly, and I spent three days in bed with every joint aching. Painkillers, manuka honey and lemon juice helped me.

I hope you have someone local to call on if necessary.

Yesterday at 10:03

I have a board to put up at the window with HELP on if I need the next door neighbour but her husband has Parkinsons and I would hate her to get the flu off me.  I was so very ill after my flu jab six years ago I had to stop having them.  Three days have seen me through the worst and am even planning on deadheading in the conservatory today as it is forecast to get to 14 outside so should be about right in there.  The sun has just come out in Bristol!  The only part aching this  morning is the back of my neck but I think clothes on and sitting in a straight backed chair will be better for that than keeping crawling back to bed!  Will soon be eating normally again and that will get my strength back.  Missed two good gardening slide shows last week and had to put off two lovely visits from friends so feel shortchanged by the flu, especially as I had not been anywhere where I was likely to catch it.  Next compost bag I open I shall definitely wear a mask.

Yesterday at 16:21

So so sorry to here your you've not been well

Hope this will make you feel a little better soon xx 

Yesterday at 17:04

Awww, thank you flumpy1.  That is lovely.  Well on the mend now.  Just enjoyed The Red Shoes on BBC2.

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