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26/02/2014 at 11:16

Who could ask for anything more - wall to wall blue skies, the prunus in bloom, daffodils taking over from the white of the snowdrops to turn my garden golden.


27/02/2014 at 10:24

When I


went into the conservatory to water my seedlings I  was delighted to see the first buds opening on my peach tree. Last year was its first with me and i hand pollinated it with my sable paintbrush.  Of the resultant 22 peaches 21 dropped off when the size of gooseberries but the one left was a peach of a peach - see picture.  This year i will be sure to check on the watering and hope for more peaches.  I still remember how delicious it was. 

28/02/2014 at 13:14

So wet in Bristol today i think the kitchen door will be as far as I go with my camera.  i do hope I


get some dry daylight hours before Si. David's Day tomorrow so I can put out a lovely display of daffodils on the front doorstep.

01/03/2014 at 11:00

Happy St. David's Day from the daffodils in my Golden Jubilee Garden and from me.


01/03/2014 at 23:28

Your Bergenias are magnificent Marion. Jealous!

02/03/2014 at 08:52

Yes, They are wearing their age well those bergenias.  They were old fifty years ago!

02/03/2014 at 08:56

Marion your pictures always reflect a well loved garden 

02/03/2014 at 09:09

Marion - just love the arrangement by your front door - looks so welcoming.  Do the pots get replaced by other flowers through the year?

02/03/2014 at 09:16

They do, Chicky.  Next big display will be St. George's day and then Easter.  The colour theme is Gold of course this year set off by blues and purples.  I sent these p


ictures to my sister in Canada and just to make sure I knew how lucky I was she sent me pictures of her front garden and those in her street in New Brunswick, 

02/03/2014 at 09:29


Look forward to seeing the St George tribute

02/03/2014 at 10:43

I'm still very envious of those bergenias, Marian - my manky ones probably need resiting, though I'm not sure I have the right place for them.  The dark leaved ones are growing healthily but don't seem to flower.

Love your front door welcome too

02/03/2014 at 11:08

I think bergenias are a bit like agapanthus - they love being congested.  When i do an irishman's cutting the first year I only have one flower but as they clump up there are more and more and they flower longer and longer.  i seem to be able to pick at least one bergenia flower all through the year.

02/03/2014 at 11:48

How could I of all people with a wonderful Irish son in law and two lovely Irish grand-daughters have forgotten St. Patrick's day?  Remembered of course when watering as the two new rhododendrons called "Shamrock" needed a drink of rainwater and found one had its first flower truss open - lovely pale green flowers.  those two will make a fine basis for my display on M


arch 17th

03/03/2014 at 13:30

Managed to do my Monday morning safari round the garden between the very heavy showers.  Blue and red colours proved to be mostly polyanthus and hyacinths and early dwarf tulips but the stars at the moment are the daffodils.  They have loved the wet weather and are making huge clumps.  I will try after lunch to take photographs between showers as it is not at all windy.  Just thought March came in like a lamb.  Oh dear I hope that lion stays away.  I am quite happy with spring foxes, birds, hedgehogs coming out of hibernation, squirrels and dormice on my safaris but not lions!

03/03/2014 at 16:01

 A quick snapping foray round the back garden and I found daffodils in all shapes and sizes blooming.  They have ,loved the mild winter.


04/03/2014 at 14:23

Oh what a glorious golden day and another similar forecast for tomorrow, a rare two in a row.  I repotted three seedling hellebores, pricked out two trays of salad leaves seedlings and one of marigold "Apricot Dandy" and then had an onslaught on the back garden, all the time checking on my Trials for Mr. Fothergills Seeds Nation of Gardeners but all is well there.   No bed made yet.  Housework is not a priority when the sun shines.

05/03/2014 at 11:04

Good job no-one can hear me up the back garden as this morning, in the brilliant sunshine i was greeting with great warmth my Primula "Wanda" in full flower - such a glorious purple and on my roll of honour as it was in the garden when I came, and my beautiful Cyclamen pseudo-graecum just opening its first lovely flowers,  When I get my breath back after planting up six "Charlotte" potatoes in the potato planter provided by Mr. Fothergills for their Trial.  Why I did not hold off the watering till after I had it in its permanent home I do not know.  Ten inches of wet loan based compost is heavy in a large bag!  Ah well i deserve a coffee after all the work done this morning.  Hyacinths and tulips are opening today and the rhubarb is begging me to take it some well rotted horse manure.  Such mild nights are forecast for the next week or so I can see lots of sirprises coming my way up the garden.  I must charge the camera's battery in anticipation.

05/03/2014 at 11:10

Your posts do make me smile so!

05/03/2014 at 11:24

Thank you, Clarinton - that bodes well for my book.  When I was being trained for the stage I used to be told - make them laugh, make them cry, and I hope it comes out in my writing,  So be prepared to cry with me when the weather or disease hits one of my favourite crops - not the wildlife, as I do not mind sharing and have been known to put out surplus lettuce for the slugs and snails.

05/03/2014 at 15:50

Treasures spotted up my garden in the sunshine today, Mar 5th.


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