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It is fifty years this year since i first looked after my half acre and now I am celebrating its Golden Jubilee.  Golden flowers and foliage and veg and fruit will be complemented with lots of blue and purple and I will show you corners and panoramas of the garden each month.  January to follow.


Two golden pics from the front garden.  The Golden ilex was in the garden when I came and I brought the Jasmine nudiflorum as a cutting from my former garden.  They are both on my Roll of Honour for fifty years excellent service.




Marion i was just thinking about you yesterday wondering if you would be posting pictures of Spring  I look forward to your Golden Year



Hi Marion

Happy New Year. I look forward to your photos as always


little-ann, I thought i felt my ears tingling!  Happy New Year to you all.



Marion great to see you back.

Whenever I work around my Yukka I think about you. Hope I'm correct in thinking that it was you who told us about your Husband planting them down your path. Sorry if I'm mistaken.

Look forward to your pictures.


Yes, KEF - I am indeed the yucca lady who has to make sure they are not sticking out over the paths whenever I have an open day.  We had gorgeous Xmas candles this year!  They flower June and December every year but oh those spikes!


Have a golden year Happy Marion was wondering where you were.


Marion you certainly have green fingers, mine only flowers in the Summer. ( Think you have someone looking down and making them show at Xmas)


Marion, I am looking forward to a golden gallery  That ilex is stunning

Hello Marion

Congratulations on your 50 years.  I am looking forward  to this thread and your pictures......and some inspiration 


Awww, I am so pleased you are all looking forward to my celebrations.  Lots of my fb friends have sent me gifts from packets of seeds for golden veg and plants to the plants themselves and I am a participant in Mr. Fothergills Nation of Gardeners Trials for the Growing Map  of Mainland Britain so am having a big box of seeds, bulbs, plants as well as gifts for the garden from them every month for a year.  It really is going to be an exciting year.  A summer like the one we had last year that goes on and on would be ideal!


I'm looking forward to more lovely photos from you Marion, too. I hope the weather is golden for your golden year.

happymarion wrote (see)

  A summer like the one we had last year that goes on and on would be ideal!


Great stuff Marion,

A summer like we had last year would certainly make it a golden summer within a golden year I reckon!!

I also await your photos which mark your golden occasion...





What a great beginning gardenwise - first full day out there today in brilliant sunshine and set fair for the next few days.  I can see more photos will be posted this week.  I feel my face is a little sunburned today.  After a month of stormy weather this is bliss.



Do you have any help in your garden Marion? I'm now 62 and sometimes I wonder what will happen to my around an acre when I older. You are an inspiration.


Busy-Lizzie.  I do not have any help with the gardening,but I retired ,ast year from my day a week stint at the Bristol Univ. Botanic garden so now spread the work over seven days a week instead of six.  The work I do for Mr. Fothergills is all in my own garden or conservatory or kitchen.  But I save as much as I can to pay for hard landscaping.  My potager of eight raised beds with limestone chippings pathways and my long winding path of the same material through the butterfly garden and spinney were built for me by two lads from the estate so I can garden quite comfortably from my paths when others have just mud or, as this morning, white frost.  I make great use of the conservatory and kitchen and, bad days in the spring will see me prickng out and potting on sat down in the kitchen!  I am sure my healthy. outdoor lifestyle is contributing to my good health in my eighties and keeping me sound in mind too.  I write a lot when it is too dark or windy to garden, not always about gardening!  Live and enjoy each day as it comes, Busy-Lizzie and plant your garden as if you are going to live forever.  I often look at my ginkco biloba and Indian Bean tree and imagine them in 100 years time!

Hello Marion.

Would love to read your "writings".  I think everyone here would too.


I am on Chapter 7 of my social history novel which is proving to be longer than I intended when i staryted it New Year's Day last Year!  My "Editors" are enjoying it chapter by chapter and think the wider public should be allowed to enjoy it too.  Who knows .  Perhaps you will be able to read it some day.

That would be excellent Marion