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Has anyone received their plants yet? I can't remember what the expected date of delivery was?

Orchid Lady

Hi Max, I have just been checking on mine, I have confirmation of the order but nothing further.  It doesn't surprise me though given recent 'customer service' from the company supplying them, I am also only expecting half of them to be any good 

Just checked in the magazine and it says despatch April/May.

Thanks OL. Lets hope they are ok?..

Orchid Lady comment  Although I did ask on here before ordering and apparently last year's were good.  I'm just being sceptical LOL!

Busy Bee2

I did one of those offers last year.  They did seem to take a while to arrive.  When they did, most of them looked healthy, and went straight into the border under plastic bottles to keep them cosy and allow the roots a chance to establish before exposing to the slugs, wood pigeons and other bullies.  The less healthy looking things, foster daughter and I potted up in pots of compost, and placed on a table called 'the plant hospital' so that we could watch their progress.  Nearly all of them perked up and went into the border when they looked better, but we lost about 3 or 4 things.  I have done a roll call a couple of days ago, and most things seem to be still there and thriving, although some will need to be moved as they are getting too big and crashing into each other, but I should have new places available further down the garden later this year.  So all in all, for the money I paid, it was worth it, but you need patience!


Orchid Lady

Thanks Busy Bee, I'm sure they will be fine, it's just from what I am reading re plug plants from the same supplier it isn't putting much confidence in me 

I have bought the same offer from the Sunday Express Paper, not received the plants yet, think it said end of May beginning of June.

I received mine last week[Geum,Coreopsis,Campanula and Aquilega's.All in good condition as well.

Orchid Lady

I meant to post yesterday but forgot!  Yesterday morning  T&M phoned to see if I had received some seeds I ordered, whilst in the phone I asked about the perennial offer and the lady said that the next 'lot' would go out at the end of the month now so we should get them early May, just thought I'd let anyone else that is waiting know 

I received mine but unfortunately half of them have dried out. I have done my best to plant and water them but dont think they will recover...

I had ordered them last year and almost all were dead when I got them . I complained to T&M and did not get any response. But as soon as I put a complaint to gardners world as the offer was via the GW. I got response back and was promised a new batch. I am still waiting for it to arrive.


There will be those who are satisfied with these offers but many who are not.

Rather than try to fill the garden with such a random mix of lots of perennials....most of which are small to tiny......better to buy a few good size plants amd use annuals as fillers for a couple of years.  Then you can plan your garden properly.  Beg or borrow plants from friends  and neighbours ...plants you like and want.  

Orchid Lady

'Beg or borrow plants from friends  and neighbours ...plants you like and want.'

I'm coming down your way soon Verdun, should I let you know what's on my wish list  

Orchid Lady

Well thank you Mike, I've been promoted to a's a good job you don't really 'know' me, you would soon change your mind 

I have a lovely neighbour that lives over the road, she is retired and has the most amazing greenhouse, so we have been 'swapping' a few plants - I use the term loosely as I haven't really had much to give her!!  

I am both of those in the bottom sentence Mike....dogs and plants, love both 

 Flora rosa

got mine last weekend - a few bedraggled and haven't come on but majority have taken.


Nice nostalgic post Mike.  Love my dog and plants too. 

Orchid Lady

No comment on my post Verdun 

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