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I had lily beetle for the first time last year and grow lily's in pots. At the weekend the lily's were repotted which left a couple of bags of spent compost which I was thinking of taking to the allotment to help fill a raised bed. I don't plan to grow lily's on the plot.

Silly Q time, does the lily beetle infect any other plants as it's possible their eggs are in the spent compost and I don't want to introduce a pest to the allotment. The neighbouring sites just grow veg and no flowers.    

If your'e going to reuse the compost, spread it thinly before using to allow the birds to feast on any eggs or bugs in the compost.


Zoomer, lily beetles overwinter as adults and don't lay eggs in the soil.  However, good advice from Dave as there may be other things in there such as vine weevil grubs, so do let the birds pick it over by spreading on the surface and leaving for a day or two.


I have never had lily beetles but when i tipped my lil

y troughs out to put some fresh soil in, I had never seen so many vine weevil grubs. I had to resort to a liquid killer, birds had a good feast first though.


Its funny that i can handle any insects, spiders, moths, snails but i just cannot touch those!.

Sounds a good plan, laying it on thinly and leaving it for a few days so the birds can feast.    



Simple question 

Does .lily beetle attack hermocallis 



Also have them in Newcastle upon Tyne .been growing lilies in pots for about 5 years and this is the first time I have seen them......saw the red beetles at the beginning of the year and didn't realise it was them eating my plants thought it was slugs and snails mother  found out what it was through a gardening programme she saw this week ....upon further inspection my plants are infested ..I have managed to catch  about 7 red bugs in the past 2 days but my leaves ,what's left of the are covered in loads of  little piles of gunge and I mean loads plants are just about to burst into flower.....any advice on how to get rid of this gunge quickly would be greatly appreciated....I am not an experienced gardener...usually get help from mother in law but she never seen these before ...thanks in advance 

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