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Verdun wrote (see)
I know, BrummieBen, I was named after my uncle Verdun and he was named because of a connection with the terrible battle of Verdun, whenever that was. Never met him but wish I had. He was killed in second world war but,he left behind a great legacy so,I'm proud to carry his name. cazW. Oh dear! A "pack of wolves" now I'm disappointed. Aaaaaah!

When I look around at society today, many of whom have little comprehension of the sheer sacrifice that so many made for their freedom to be selfish and generally anti-social, it makes me despair. One wonders how many of these wannabe gangsters and 'tough-guys' would have the guts to enlist if there was a call up. Me thinks there'd be lots of people hiding in cellars and attics.

The reasoning behind your name is incredibly honourable, I'm glad you use it with pride.


This would make you a good avatar Verdun-get rid of that pasty face

sotongeoff wrote (see)
  A lad of verduns



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