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Just posted this to lengthen the list of verduns at the top of the leader board right now. Humour me folks, I'm in funny mood....full moon season and spring!!!
Should have said a load of verduns...there's another to my list
  A lad of verduns


Yes, come a cropper on that one Geoff. I'll stick to the serious stuff from nw on!

Why?  I like the sound o a load of verduns, whatever or whomsoever they may be

Perhaps however, lets not get too excited about spring just yet, hard theough that may be, there are plenty of nights for frost and even snow yet - grit your teeth and hold your horses - hmm, sounds very uncomfortable that. 



Verdun always means suffering to me, both French and German, sorry but The Great War has always had that effect on me. Some of the most savage battles, hand-to-hand in many cases, maybe the worst of the war, even worse than Gallipoli if that can be believed.. Sorry Verdun, just what it invokes.

Caz W

I thought this thread was going to about collective nouns - a lad of Verduns, a pack of wolves .....

I know, BrummieBen, I was named after my uncle Verdun and he was named because of a connection with the terrible battle of Verdun, whenever that was. Never met him but wish I had. He was killed in second world war but,he left behind a great legacy so,I'm proud to carry his name. cazW. Oh dear! A "pack of wolves" now I'm disappointed. Aaaaaah!
.....besides, Geoff has posted my picture.....don't I look angelic ?
Bunny ...
Lol Verdun ... Can see you gardening like that image now

Does 'a load of old Verduns' mean the same as 'a load of old B*****s' from the Fast Show?

Mummy muddy paws.....oh! You are awful but I like you. Bunny, dont know how Geoff got my picture but he's got me to a tee. Ha ha
Caz W
Verdun wrote (see)
 Oh dear! A "pack of wolves" now I'm disappointed. Aaaaaah!

... but better than a flock of bustards or a drove of bullocks

Wotcha think of this weather then?  Load of old Verduns.


Mummy, that's no way to talk to your long lost son. I is upset now.

Ohhhh, is my ikkle wickle Verduns upset now?  Mummy didn't mean to hurt your feelings!

Mwaaaahhhhh.  Mummy kiss it better now!

Its a bit better mummy

Hang on a old is ikkle wickle Verduns?  Methinks he is older than Mummy Muddy Paws!  Wicked!  Tricksy! False!

Naughty Verduns, Mummy is putting you on the Naughty chair, one minute for every year of your life.    Mummy thinks you will need to take your Beano with you.