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Missed AZ yet again. Not used to watching TV in the morning. But it sounds from trunkfishes remark that it doesn't matter if I missed "D".

Paul N

Trunkfish is speaking about one tiny portion of what is an excellent compilation of parts from GW and other programmes. That bit was from a Gardener of the Year competion but don't damn the entire programme because of that. Watch it on BBCiPlayer and make your own minds up or, as I did, get up, make a cup of tea and watch it in real time.

Thanks for the link DiscoDave. So good to see Geoff Hamilton again. Lots of hours of gardening videos to watch during the grotty months. Fantastic.


Can't watch it on BBCiPlayer as it doesn't work in France


Busy-Lizzie go to speedytv website for £6 a month I can watch all the main UK tele BBc1 2 3 Itv 1 2 3 etc and im in Hungary. So this is why I cant record A to Z of gardening which brings me back to my original complaint - BBC only keeps their programs on for 7 days. Itv 28days Channel 4 the same and Demand 5 months or more. As for utube I found that ages ago and have watched just about everything thats involves gardening. Carol Klein with Geoff Hamilton I hardly recognised her and not one giggle! For all I love watching her and think shes the most knowledgable presenter out of them all her giggleing drives me potty but...I will still watch her and hope that oneday she will host GW. Better go and watch D on A - Z gardening before it goes off!




Agree with Paul. 

..although the dead heading competition wasn't the best, it only took up a small proportion of the programme...I still liked 'D'... each to their own....and there's still ' E to Z' to go    

Steve the Gardening Vet

You do realise, all of those people who are worrying about iplayer timings, that if you click download on the computer (that is, if you don't watch via the TV) or certain tablets, then you have up to thirty days to watch them though only seven after you start watching them. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks, Steve, didn't realise, I'm gonna have to catch up with tecnology before I get really left behind was thinking of getting one of those tablets but need my neice to explain it You can get the internet on my TV but how...I've yet to work out 

Bunny ...
I didn't realise that either Steve, thanks I'm new to Iplayer

I agree Trunkfish.....besides, why  not a real gardener instead of a weather woman?

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