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I really do wish the BBC wouldnt be so quick to take past episodes off the iplayer. First they took all the GW programs off within days of the last one being aired and now they are doing it with the new gardening program A to Z of gardening.I wanted to watch A of gardening which was only on 3 Sundays ago to see about apple tree grafting and its gone already. Even B has gone and its not 2 weeks old. Theres nothing in their place to do with gardening so why not leave them there especially as I and probably others find it a good program.


Most programmes are only on i-player for 7 days-I don't think it is a bias against gardening programmes

If you look at it from a BBC point of view-if every programme was left on indefinitely it would impossible to manage or navigate

There are loads of videos on you-tube on grafting apples-try those?

Bunny ...
I missed A too galest , maybe it will be repeated at some point. Wish there were more gardening programmes full stop .

Little disappointed that they did not show any of the Chilli trial for Chilli's (when they covered C) but least we have some sort of a gardening fix for the winter.

galest. Know what you mean, watching on iplayer, you need to be quick to watch the programme before it goes off. At least the Beeb are listening and there are gardening programmes on over winter though a different way of showing repeats but some thought has gone into the structure of the programme, I give it a thumbs up. Now you know each programme goes off iplayer after 7 days, just remember to watch it before it does.

I''ve enjoyed all three programmes on iplayer, just watched C. Found the chilli part informative and amusing at the end with people tasting chillies. Showing veg was good too and I was reminded not to sow courgettes till April.   

Chin up, you can always record future programmes for all prosperity, then watch the programmes at your leisure.



don't dispair guys, if you missed it, there are lots of gardening programmes on youtube. 

some of them may be a year old or more, but if you havent seen it then its new to you. I truly LOVE GW and with a week to catch up is plenty, but if you do miss it, then do a search online. 

Bunny ...
Are there Discodave? I have never looked , I shall have to look later you may well have saved me front my winter cabin fever

Thank you for that link, lots there. Just watched Carol Klein's first appearance, with Geoff Hamilton. Never seen her so quiet and subdued!


All the 'Around the World in 80 Gardens' are on youtube as well. Just had a watch of those.


Loads of stuff to keep the old grey matter occupied...


Bunny ...
Brilliant !!! My evenings have been saved .....better tell my mum , and explain YouTube .
Bunny ...
I don't know why I have never looked , my OH is always watching programmes and documentaries on there ....he has kept me in the dark I fear incase I take over haaa .
And now back to the weather...cold here today but snow melting a lot more. Our road is like a skating rink - I never did like skating.

I'm in for the night, am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. Am sorry I didn't record 'allotment wars", my dad said it was funny. I was too busy messing around with my IPad (new toy), maybe it will come around again.


Sorry, I shud have posted the above to anuther discussion, my concentration is going, must be my age, ha ha.

Bunny ...
Maybe you have snow brain Barbara haha
I think you could be right!!!

Will have to check out those video's on You Tube. If you have Virgin Media with a Tivvo box, you could bring the YouTube vid's up through that

Like its title, an incredibly patronising programme. I saw a bit of 'D' before I had to switch off. Suddenly Hells Kitchen and Masterchef took on dahlias, as 'gardeners' had to deadhead dahlias at the speed of light for no logical reason, while people of no known credentials and half their age stood around with clipboards patronising as they' graded'  the 'contestents' as if they were children who could do better. This isn't gardening - it's an offshoot from the mad cookery shows where humiliation, stress and degradation are the order of the day. How on earth did Carol Klein agree to be associated with this one?