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 Busy eating dinner.




 Late ducklings.


Lovely - thanks for sharing 

It's been a good afternoon for wildlife 

Orchid Lady

Fab pics  Those little ducklings are just too cute 



Cinnabar caterpillars, haven't seen any of those yet though quite a few moths



 Lots of wildlife,just doing their own thing.



Great pictures, must have been a lovely walk


Gorgeous fidget.   Just looking at the pictures is relaxing


It's a compact Sony cybershot.12megapixels. We bought it with a marine housing for chasing whalesharks, about 5 years ago. It's a good size for shoving in a pocket or handbag..


Yes, some of the Sony ones don't have the carl zeiss lens , or they didn't. I've always liked Sony videos,  and the marine housings are good, so we went with that. OH has a big Canon SLR and ridiculously expensive lenses, but its just too much hassle to carry around all the time.  I just bang everything on automatic, point and press. It has a macro button for close ups, and telephoto/wide angle, and with a whale shark, you need the wide angle!! Its pretty old now, bought in 2008 I think. I would buy another like it though, I think the megapixels have gone up a lot since.


These will blow up to A4, and I doubt I'll need anything bigger than that.

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