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I have a 15 year old Acer Palmatum in a 20" wooden tub.

The leaves are drying, curling and dropping.

I have watered and fed regularly.

Any advice on how to revive/save my Acer?


I think it might be root bound. Buy a bigger pot, remove the tree from its old one, tease  out the roots, shake out as much of the old compost as you can and put in its new home with good quality John Innes 3 compost. Water well to settle the plant and add extra compost if necessary.

Agree with Pansy but one other thought. Has the pot being moved or has anything changed around it (maybe another large plant or something moved)? It's just that acres are very sensitive to scorch by wind or sun and maybe if anything has changed it's more exposed.


Chrissie B & Pansyface,

The Acer has stayed in the same position for many years shielded by a 6ft laurel hedge from the prevailing SW winds. Recently a nearby Oak tree has been severely cut back giving more light to the area and exposing the Acer to the elements a bit more.

Will certainly repot and hopefully the present condition is not terminal.

Thanks for your advice.

Green Magpie

Too hot and too dry, perhaps? We nearly lost one last year when we didn't water it enough in hot weather. It dropped most of its leaves in the middle of the summer, but it seems to have recovered well. I think ours will need repotting eventually - every year the pots are more root-filled, so they dry out more quickly and suffer in the heat.


David Currie

I have just repotted two of mine today..the wilsons pink dwarf leaves were curling and i checked the pot and the roots were bound at the bottom.. so out they came and into a bigger pot with ericaceous comp and John innes No3.. that should do them.. here's hoping!

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