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Hi all.

I am planning to move my acer but are unsure if it will cause any damage in growth next year.

It is now 4 foot high and been in the ground for two and half years.

All the leaves have now dropped off so I am hopping it is in the dormant state.

anyone moved one?

Thank you Brumbull.

Will be moving it tomorrow so fingers crossed it comes out easy.

I am going to dig a trench about a foot away from  the base of the tree and see where the roots go.

Hello dannyboy

A 4' Acer at that age will be easy to move.  Just make sure you get nice rootball with it.  It's not technical or complicated.  Your Acer won't have too much of a rootball.  You dont say which Acer you have but I'm assuming it's one of the Japanese types.

I moved Acer Garnet last  autumn after it had een growing there for 3 or 4 years and was prob in excess of 5'......I trim mine for bushyness so it would have been taller ....but it moved with great ease.  It will grow next spring unaware it has been moved,

I have moved way or another...and they are one of the easiest of shrubs to move.

I really don't think you need to dig a trench......with a spade simply slice down at about  40 cm away from the trunk all round and lift.  Simples!  It will lift easily.  

I always prepare the recipient site first.  Don't replant too deeply ....simply keep at same depth as before.  If you can add some ericaceous John innes to the planting mixture too it will help.  Water well but then not again until spring when I would water well again and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't dry out.

Good luck dannyboy 


We have acers, but haven't moved any. All I can suggest is that you give it the same aspect that it has thrived in already.

The link gives excellent information. 


Moved my acer this morning and it was more difficult than I thought.The root ball was massive and it was very heavy but it is now in its final position and now looking forward to the planting of my grasses which are going where my acer was.



Well done dannyboy

A man of good taste methinks......growing grasses.  Can I add to earlier comments about grasses that ....ESP for the smaller ones.....plant in groups of three if you have the space?  

Thanks Verdun.

Can you tell me where is the best place to get some of the grasses you told me to get.

I do us parkers,T&M and some of the plants I have had off them are poor and I am after mature plants.

Hiya dannyboy

Check out Woottens.  They are a fantastic company.  I buy all sorts from them amd have yet to be disappointed.  Delivery is usually within a day or so.

Luckily I have some local nurseries too that supply grasses amd there are nurseries that supply small size plants.  Knoll nurseries too but woottens is my preference.

Good luck dannyboy. It's fun, isn't it, planting a new border?  

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