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I've planted 3 lots of aconites in my garden last year. To date there are no signs of aconites growth/flowers. Any ideas why???


When did you plant them. I think they go better in the green in spring than dried out in autumn


I don't know what happens to them Fluffy. I've bought them in pots, covered in flowers, put them into the garden and kissed goodbye to them many times. My soil is a dry, sunny, alkaline bank. Where are you trying to grow them?


Mine have been out for a couple of weeks,   ahead of most of the snowdrops as usual


Very site specific, I find. They either love your garden or refuse utterly to grow. We are lucky, where they grow in our garden they thrive, BUT I have tried them elsewhere here and nothing.

Ours are nearly over now, they have been out since the beginning  of January.


Berghill, I've found the same. I planted a load last spring (I think 100) and 6 have appeared this year. There are several large patches nearby in the garden that have been spreading slowly for 20 years, so I don't really understand why the new ones are sulking.


I thought it was just me! Good to know others have problems with these little beauties.

Victoria Sponge

Someone or something keeps nipping the emerging heads off mine which might be another explanation...?

I think this might have happened last year too as I planted a ring around a tree and exactly half emerged leaving me wondering about the sun/drainage/ soil on the nothing side. This year a random ring has reappeared and I cottoned on after finding a few heads lying around 


Planted mine a couple of years ago, they reappeared last year, but no sign this year.  Think I've probably dug them up

Mark 499

Planted a few last spring in the green to try them, some are now appearing


There is a small colony of these growing on an east-facing bare soil bank (45 degree slope) underneath some very old Yew trees which I've been admiring on my walk to work each morning for the last couple of weeks.   Clearly they can grow anywhere if they are happy, but I was surprised to see them thriving in that spot!  The council use a leaf-blower to remove all fallen leaves from this bank every year, too.

Thank you all for replying. They were planted in flower last year. I'm looking for some signs everyday. Hope yet.


For those who do have them, then growing from seed is reasonably easy, as long as you remember to take the seed when it is still green. Gently rub a seed head between your fingers, if the seed comes off easily, then that is as it should be. Sow immediately, it has a very short life span. Keep moist and vermin free. germination is about now from last years sowing.

Soooo excited. I've seen 3 small, yellow aconites coming through!!

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