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I am new to growing herbs and have a rather basic (embarrassingly!) question. I've planted basil, thyme and chives in pots on my kitchen window cill from seed which are all doing well. I know this is a silly question but is every baby shoot an entire basil or thyme plant? If so I sprinkled the seeds a tad generously because there are about forty baby shoots of each!!!! If I need to repot, do I just pot a couple per tub? If this is the case my friends are about to be get herb abundant!!!!

Thanks for any help you can give 

 Sorry I've posted this in the wrong place and don't know how to delete it!!! Please ignore and I will repost in the right place!!!! Thanks


Amanda.....sounds like you have a good method

If you have sown seeds, then each shoot will be a little plant in the making.  Depends on the room you have but normally you would prick out each seedling into its own individual pot...if you have that many, 2 to a pot won't hurt.....they can be separated as they grow on but doing it that way, you can risk damaging the roots when you split them later on.  With that many seedlings tho, it probably doesn't matter if you lose one or two.

Your friends will be happy at any rate

Oh my!!!! Thanks for the advice Phillipa, I'd better get separating and prepare everyone I know to eat a lot more basil and thyme!!!! 


I grow basil a bit like lettuce Amanda. I prick some seedlings out to keep 2 or 3 in a pot which I allow to grow on to make bigger plants, and also keep a load in one pot which I just pick like cut and come again lettuce leaves till they're done. I just sow every few weeks to replenish. 

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