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I am looking for any thornless climbing rose that anyone can recommend,scented if possible.


John Harrison.


Kathleen Harrop is a beautiful soft pink rose, with sem-double saucer shaped blooms - it has a delicious scent and no thorns and also repeat flowers - it's a really lovely rose.


I used to have a white thornless climber with lovely perfume. Thought it was Miss Zepherine, but have Googled and can only find Zephirine Drouhin which does look lovely.

Dove any idea what I had?


Can't think of a pure white thornless climber KEF, but Madam Alfred Carriere is white with the prettiest palest shell pink,tinges more or less thornless with a lovely perfume - in fact I always find that her foliage is beautifully scented too.


Here's a link for Kathleen Harrop too


Thanks Dove


I've got Zephirine Drouhin, which is scented and thornless.

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