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I would like some advice please I planted Allium Sphaerocephalon & Allium Christophii about four/five weeks ago.

I wasn't expecting  growth to show untill the spring but I have geen spikes showing now is this normial ??




I'm not sure there is any normal when it comes to plants James. 


This can happen, I had it last year with my Allium Roseum. I wouldnt worry too much as mine flowered perfectly


A bit early but they do make their growth over winter and they are from the coldest part of Caucasus and Steppes, so they will survive.


thanks guys phew I will keep you posted on there progress




think all the alliums think it is spring time - my batches of chives which I split a few weeks ago for next year are all growing with lots of new growth - should be going the opposite way - there can be no harm in growth at this time of year - cannot be a tougher plant around...

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