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Not had the nicest of days, but... The sweetpeas I thought I'd killed a couple of weeks ago have started to flower sunshine yellow! I'm so surprised as half of them have turned sickly brown and yellow in the leaves, but saw these little yellow buds after walking home from work and was so so happy! I was so close to just uprooting them and throwing them on the compost, to replace with a clematis as I discussed on my other thread! It's like they knew... we'd even stopped bothering to water them!

This time i've learned not to split my peas, even if I think they're getting a little cramped Hopefully I'll get a couple more buds over the next week or so, and I'll take off the dead bits in the afternoon tomorrow. I have a lovely short work day tomorrow and I think I may indulge myself in the garden, plant some bulbs, seeds, and try and remedy next doors intrusive weed issue.

Hope you've all had a nice day!


Glad your day had a better ending SP3, plants are always springing surprises, just when you think they've given up for good you see signs of life, always magic


Sweet pea, where did you buy your sweet peas seeds, please?


Lyn they weren't grown from seed, it was a small pot of seedlings for a ??1 from homebase but my Thompson and Morgan ones germinated. Was it the yellow colour you were looking for?

SP93, someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I didnt think you could get yellow sweet peas. If you have then you will make a fortune.


? Really? I'll get a photo in the morn, they aren't fully open, but are a definitely yellow colour thus far. I've not grown sweet peas before so I'm clueless!! How odd! I promise photos by lunchtime tomorrow. Delivery shift in the early hours... *grumbles*

They look somewhat like this so far. So more a green yellow than a true yellow.

 I honestly thought they were dying, I mean look at the bottom! but they are so so pretty! It seems sweet pea buds sort of bleed the colour slowly into them before blooming. Forever learning!


White/cream sweet peas are often yellowy looking in bud as are many of the colours. Do you mean you bought seed of the wild one from Canada SP? I wouldn't have though Homebase would stock those 

These are some of my 'Cathy' ones form last year - you can see the greeny yellow buds



They aren't yellow now, they sort of started off the yellow colour, then the pink and purple colour spread into the petals, like a bruise?


Ahh. Yes the buds tend to be that colour but that doesn't indicate the colour of the forthcoming  flower. Some of the dark ones just look green in the bud. Just the way they are. 

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