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When you've had a good day in the garden and feel either peckish or starving hungry what do you really fancy to eat.  Either prepared for you or do it yourself. Depends on the weather I know, but what would you fancy ? 

flowering rose

a  meal made from things I have grown in my garden or if I feel lazy a meal ordered from the take- away or treat at the local pub.

hollie hock

At the moment things that I have grown or produced. Had egg and cucumber sandwiches at lunch, delicious


If I've been busy out there all day and I'm on my own I'll have whatever's lying around - leftovers if there's any, or just toast with something! If I'm worn out and the three of us are here I might get a takeaway if I don't feel like cooking, and no one else does either. 

Of course, since oldest daughter's around today and we got some food shopping earlier, she's done the roast dinner complete with all the trimmings, so - sorted! 

FG. Is there any left.?.......I'll get my coat  



A bit of chicken and maybe a Yorkshire pudding but that's about it 

and darn fine it was too!  

Mackerel fish cakes , dwarf  Beans, pickled beetroot and potato wedges ( all home grown ....well except the Mackerel........not got a big enough pond  ) 

They all sound good to me .  


morning off work so . garden till 12pm and a  large brunch . then a shift at mill 


A small glass of Chambery

Soupe a l'oignon

escargots beignet

filet mignon a la bordelaise

salade frisée au fines herbes

crème caramel






Homemade Damson wine, home grown fennel and pear soup and homemade bread with cumin and a slice of manchego (?) cheese

Oh Pansy sounds delish.......what is filet mignon al la wot sit  ? 

Artjak. ....are you sharing ?  Pretty please. 


tea break on a long sunny winters day . A DOCKERS BACON BUTTIE .  bliss


Runnyb, I posted the soup recipe on the Big Courgette thread; it is so good I'm making it for the second time!


hollie hock

Everything sounds so tasty..........I eat late and my dinner is cooking. I will have a look at the soup recipe artjak


Runnybeak - I have no idea, but it sounds tasty. How are the RUNNER BEANS?


...ham sandwich and a cuppa.....*** all else in the fridge...

At half past a big sloppy banana sandwich, then out for more.