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Despite the torrential rains and wind, the ornamental grasses are still swaying and overlording the garden. Miscanthus, panicums, Calamagrostis varieties are still in flower and providing structure and movement and colour. Interspersed with red stems of dogwood the scene is enough to lift the spirits. This morning the sun is shining on the dogwood and a white/green miscanthus variegatus outside my kitchen window.
Sorry, posted that twice. Too much cider last night. Hick, hick!

Two of my flower beds are still under water, but I have some brave alstroemerias,penstemons, fuchsias and rudbeckias still flowering away and bringing bright pools of colour to the garden. The dogwoods and winter heathers in the winter bed look pleasing, and not too battered. The sun is out here too and things are drying up for the first time in a week, a sight to lift the spirits. Now, if it would just not rain for the next 6 weeks...................


Dry and sunny all day 

I have just had 2 Leylandii chopped down.   Sunshine streamed through my bedroom window for the first time in 10 years - Hooray!!


Hope you are as thrilled THUNDERBIRD when the sun wakes you at 5 o'clock in the summer!

I might hear the dawn chorus if I wake up!!

flowering rose

There is a severe frost here ,which makes me thankful that I covered my vulnerable plants and put my pots away,looks pretty ,the frost that is.

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