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Green Magpie

If you are near an Aldi store, it's worth calling in at the moment for some great gardening bargains. Our store has:

Little potted perennials

Fruit trees

Little bedding plant plugs

Stainless steel hand tools

Seed trays, flower pots etc

Seed compost,  perlite

Blood fish and bone

Gardening gloves

and more, all at bargain prices.


Unfortunately we don't have one anywhere near us. Wish we did.


Lidl had some magnolia the other day, I regret not getting one, as they looked just as healthy as the ones in the GC I saw today and a fraction of the price.

I've previously purchased Aldi's hand tools, a trowel and small rake and at £1.99 they are  good value for money and I think, stainless steel.The replacement covers for the four shelved plastic GH 's are also good value. I've had seeds from Aldi which have germinated several years after their sow by date  

I'm also reliably informed Lidl have their garden range on sale from this coming Thursday.  

Green Magpie I went yesterday had a tip of from GWRS on new allotment thread, I  brought some seed compost looks good stuff, net tunnel and net cloche and sieve, got an apple tree to fan train, windowsill tray, vermiculite,   

Think at min you could stock up or if you are just starting out great bargains there to be had

Next Thursday 3.3.16 Lidl will have garden things in


Green Magpie

I think I'd have cautious expectations of things like fruit trees from Aldi, but the little potted perennials and the tools and hardware items looked pretty good.

fruit tree only cost £2.49 so not bad for that, there were some nice plants in there


What are Aldi's charging for their perennials?

Green Magpie

I think the perennials at Aldi were £1.99. Just small ones, in 3 or 4-inch pots, but they mostly looked quite healthy. Foxgloves,  acillea, ersyimum, coryopsis were ones I spotted.


I bought some aldi apple trees a couple of years ago. They are growing well, fruited and are the correct varieties as labelled. I needed pollinators for our big apple tree as the one in the neighbours garden died, and now we have lots of apples again.

flowers in the rain

They are now 3yrs old . We bought 5 trees and to be honest I can't remember what they were but they were common ones including I know for sure a Cox. The pear is a Conference. That particular apple tree produces really lovely juicy apples

Some good buys was there Thursday morning got a few items .

michael mpc

hi to all who use aldi lidl Homebase  there is some good bargains in all of above but only  only if you have a need for them  other wise you end up will allsorts and no where to put them  (home base ) do have some nice bargains      (when on offer)   michael


Only a bargain if you actually want it michael 



aym, rustic rural North Devon.

Surrey has lots of Aldi stores.

I got 2 bags of perlite , 2 bags of seeding compost , walking pants , a fleece .

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