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Got plants galore in GH, in polytunel, under fleece, in conservatory and in pots outside.   

Im still buying 4 plants coming on Tuesday and a few more heleniums in the spring. I a silly billy?    I'm sure they will all be accommodated.....well, maybe not!  Besides, there is a small queue of vultures here ready to pick my stock. 

Any more sillee billees out there?  

ME! Every time I go out i come back with Atleast one more plant, they all get stacked up in my courtyard and have to wait weeks before being taken to my other garden (nans). I had to drill some shelving onto my walls  outside it got so bad. Can't help it though. My mum always complains, so I always come back with 'most people on my age spend there money on alcohol, drugs, or fags, think yourself lucky' and it always seems to work 

Me too verdun, plants being delivered, cold frame full to bursting, looking at the seed catalogues, planning the hanging baskets and veg plot, no greenhouse so sorting what to buy for outdoor cultivation.

Spending far too much money, but hey, life is short so I'll enjoy it whilst I can.

You are not alone!

Secret Squirrel

OH is always telling me to 'FOCUS!' when we go the garden centre. But I cannot help it! I just love plants! I always manage to find a home for them. Seed Cats are coming through the door, I think the plugs are a bit pricey this year. Still I have my seeds ready for sowing. I have them stashed away in a tin and get them out when no-one is watching! You would think they are top shelf mags I was looking at! Then I get caught, 'FOCUS' comes the cry!

Could not help myself last Sunday and sowed some snapdragons. I looked last night and I have 'babies' Now, I have four months before they can go outside. I'm going to have to make some room on the garage shelf soon. I need to FOCUS!


Before I read the thread, just saw title I thought Yes.  Then I read the thread.

I'm not too bad with seeds but can't stop buying plants and have far too many things in pots. Kept intending to plant in the garden, but don't seem to have any room

Maybe more green stuff aka lawn needs removing..but H says we need to have room to put a thinks a patio with umberellas will suffice. We will see


 I do have a tray of snapdragons & some wallflowers germinated in the GH & just a few more things to find a home for.  Including another Fatsia that is 2feet high.


Cheeky KEF .  I resemble the insinuation 

Orchid Lady
Ryan,when I read your above comment I read your profile thingy (sorry I'm not usually nosey!). Every credit to you and I hope you achieve your ambition of opening a GC. There was an article in this month's GW about children going in gardening and would the parents be pleased, well I would if either of my boys did, I think it is a great job and far better than sitting in an office. Good luck to you.

On the topic of the original post, I am trying very hard to resist at the moment but there is so much I would like, bulbs, seeds, plants, tools.....the list is growing. My OH managed to keep avoiding the GC whilst out today, can't think why!!!

Mark 1963 I agree with you. I need to be more focussed on my purchases. I have just planted 4 roses in the garden and have a seed box full to bursting. I think given the amount of seeds I have to plant this year, the greenhouse will be full to bursting!!


Mark &  Allium, bet you buy more

You are probably right KEF . Looks like the borders might need to be expanded a little more!

Tracey, thankyou, that's really kind  Always get embarrassed when I get compliments 

With me it's always sales , discounts and special offers.Shrubs reduced from £7,99 to 3 for a tenner, bulbs that I don't need but have been deeply discounted, seeds at the end of the season that are never sown.

This year will be different, I shall plant everything straight away.

Well...I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one...........can you ever really have too many plants   Probably but then gardeners are pretty inventive..........a good wheeze for the OH is just to mention that you can sell your excess.  That works well if you have a secret corner to put the excess in.  The idea of the £'s rolling in will work for a while - just keep the OH out of your secret corner   

Woodgreen wonderboy

A gardener's brain is programmed to see beauty first, buy it second, and only then wonder where the hell are you going to put it.

If it was the other way around you would buy very little.


David Matthews2

With me the "sillyness" is concentrated with regard to bulbs!: especially toward the 'end of season' special offers that are just pleading with you to "Buy me & bob me in somewhere that isn't already stuffed with bulbs bought last late winter..." Will I never learn??

No money and now where to plants seeds or plugs. Saving for April when I will be tempted by seeds which you can grow direct in the soil. Always buy too many, thinking I have a garden twice the size ....

Blubell wrote (see)

..... Always buy too many, thinking I have a garden twice the size ....

Strange how gardens shrink isn't it - I blame all the wet weather 


Same here Verdun I've got plants in the conservatory two boxes of seeds to plant and I ordered move plants to arrive in April for baskets, I even bought more tubers and lillys but like Blubell I think my garden is twice as big as it is.

And on top of that I haven't got my green house base finished yet

I even said to OH three months ago don't let me buy any more seeds/plants we have lots.

So Verdun your not alone I even have plans to go to new garden center tomorrow just to look (tongue in cheek) but the think is I will be driving past a good orchid garden center (well sort of) it's next to a garage on the A5  so I may nip in there as well


Woodgreen wonderboy

We have an annual "plant sale" in the village so you can donate any spare plants etc. to the Hortsoc, and they sell them for the kitty. This year I will donate my Chrysanths which someone else might give more love and attention to and get better flowers. I have Verbena bo. seedlings rescued from my gravel too.