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Steve the Gardening Vet

Loving the fact that my feeble attempts at ironic wit have fallen on deaf ears...

I liked it-but then I also like the irony in the fact in a thread where Christopher asks does he post too much- he posts15 or so comments

Sorry Christopher but it is funny-don't stop posting though -you do give out some good advice -but it is still funny

Pennine Petal
Just catching up on this thread. It made me smile Steve.
Hiya lazy gardener. Irony is everywhere. Isn't your handle ironic? But yes I do see the funny side of it all. I posted my question simply because I think.... I KNOW.....I post too much and would have taken a sabbatical if the forum said as much. I do have too much to say I guess and should curb it just a little. There you go, irony again as I have already posted comments on a handful of posts already. Wot am I like?



Bear in mind, christopher2 that we can 'ignore' you if we like ;- )   (ironic winky smiley thing)

Keep going, Steve - it takes 30 years hard work to become an overnight sensation!!!!

figrat thank you for the photo inow seem to remember reading about it in the ocal paper last yera. was he not on one of those channel4 tvshows, the lady wife seems to remember seeing it a few years ago and saying that weshould go and have a looke.joslow i have collected some seeds from my eucomis but i then reed that it takes 5 ysera for them to flower so i wondereed if you could grow them another way, i may try chritophe2 idea of looking for bulbets as that seems much quicker.why would i need to press ignore.


Yup, a couple of visits ago I was talking to wife re tv crew all over the place. It is SO  worth a visit!

Carol Klein recommends leaf cuttings for eucomis.

I think the 'ignore' comment  mentioned in your post was meant to be light hearted.


hollie hock

hello chris, I've been reading this thread, post as much as you want this is a great forum which is open to everyone.People themselves will choose to respond your comments or not and disagree if they want to. That's the way living in a democratic open society is.

 Many things are ironic some are not.


I agree keep on posting everyone i enjoy reading it all. Especially now the daughter has gone back to uni. Think im suffering empty nest syndrome normally i would go out in garden but its raining. Again


@sotongeoff.. many thanks for the info.. i will know how to amend if i suddenly see it did it wrong.

i agree with you maud.. i love reading it too and everyone is welcome.. whether beginner or fully experienced poster.. it is good to hear others views and see others gardens (thats my fav bit)  i have learnt lost os little things since being on here and it is great to share what little i have with others..

like for instance i am doing this new diet for my rhuematiod arthritis.. cyder vinegar and honey wiht cup hot water 3 times a day and it is working i can move fingers much easier than i ever have in the last few years.. no red meat except lamb (yum) and loss of fish and no dairy.. it is working and i have lost 1/2 stone since  starting last week.


dont stop posting as any help to us new gardeners is sometimes very time and expese saving ,iv had loads of advise and cant get it unless i ask so i do,,thats what this is all about help and chat and being a new allottmenteer i still need loads of help in the future so, keep it comeing everybody,, now how do i win this weeks lottery please good luck



@gardeningfantic my grandmother swore by cider vinegar I am pleased to hear that it is working for you too.


Christopher2 surely your not taking aback seat - that would only leave room for Christopher1 to reappear and we cant have that.

Tried drinking the cider vinegar and made me sick. I have fibromyalgia  and spend my life on painkillers any suggestions? I always find the change of the seasons play the old joints up.


isuffer with my joints too, i might try tat vinegar drink as i do not like taking too many pills.was there anythin else.maud that sounds nasty.

I swear by cod liver oil.......Language is really bad! Ha ha. Cider. Vinegar is supposed to be good for you....I tried it for a time but the taste seemed to get worse
Caz W

I swear too ... by Glucosamine to help with joint pain.  I bet a few of us are suffering this evening after a busy day in the garden!





My local health food shop has been promoting Celadrin. I'm intending to do a bit of web-surfing to find out something about it. Pepper-dog and I both take Glucosamine - not sure if it helps because I swear when I turn suddenly ;- )

chris2 i have tried cod liver oil but it has a nasty side effect and i swear as i run back to the house and try and get me booots of. i have looked at glocosamine but it is not a cheap sulution.