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I'm fairley new on this forum in my mind you cannot post too much on ANY Forum no member HAS to read everything thats posted its freedom of choice.So carry on the good work / posting . bye for now, lucky 3

Have you seen the price of pumpkins this year? i am precious comodity. Hoping to go out to Slindon where they grow huge varietys of squash and pumpkins. I think G.W. have been there. None of my butternut produced anyhting worth eating this year. Fed up with the rain

The ones I put in first have done well  Pink Banana  squash  , though some have grown into rugby shapes for some odd reason .Crown  Prince too has done well.But  what I put in later were the butternut squash and courgetts. I  havent had any butternut squash or the courgettes. But I got some funny looking things which I do not remember planting and they look more like Gourds. So I don't like to serve them up for lunch before I have checked them out. Im hoping to still photograph them and get a picture to put on the forum .Maybe some one can identify them for me .


I find it ironic and funny that the title of this post and its response has turned itself on its head.

Chris they love you mate - you only had to ask.

Aaaaaah! Ain't you nice CIA? Yep, they've high jacked my subject but I read every post and I find them all imteresting



Chris i hope your pc never breaks down. Or this forum would cease to function.

Anyone planting anything thats exciting this time of year? Im on the lookout for Hellibores, i like the green ones.



Talking of Hellibores, are they suitable to grow in containers? I don't have room in the garden and I've seen some very nice varieties in the garden centres.

Hiya get nicer and nicer. Well. I'm expecting a delivery any moment now of agastache black adder and helenium moerheim beauty. Always get excited about new plants. Agastaches are fantastic plants; try them. I grow several hellebores including the green one. Best to buy when you see the flower, so in late winter to early spring. Gracie5, hellebores are not really long term plants for containers. They need deep rich soil. The Christmas Rose though may be suitable, ESP with gravel mulch to stop soil spoiling white flowers in the rain. I look forward to hearing a response to CIAs question about planting exciting new plants. This year mine have been anemone wild swan. Astrantia jumble hole and agastache sangria

Thanks for the advice on Hellebores, Christopher2, shame I don't have room for them in the garden. Long may you keep posting, your advice is very helpful.


Christopher2 youve helped me out. I was considering planting the Hellibores in a container. Now im thinking what else can i give the bees for a food store after their hibernation.

Ive just purchased a Cabbage from the garden centre. A huge purple/green one. I asked the assistant if they were edible. She laughed and said she didnt know. I wasnt going to eat it but just wondered. And yes you can if you really must so sayes the great people on the internet of which i would be growing Oriental Limelight by the dozen if they had not of informed me of its distrucation.

Mum had a purple cabbage planted in her garden and one of her dogs each time it went past took a bite. The plant got smaller and smaller until the day the dog pulled the whole thing up and ate the lot. Root and earth as well. So i guess they can be eaten. Dont think i will try it though


I went to a certain supermarket today and couldnt resist and bought me White Helleborus for £2. So now i dont know which wall to plant it against. N,E,S,or West.


I grow my HNigers in pots with no problems- usually. I do use a mix of JI3, plus my own compost/leafmould. This year one has been totally eaten by the slimey 'bs', which I've never known happen before.

Planning to investigate if anything left before I go & buy a replacement.... BTW have lots of other hellebores all fine in the garden, but Nigers, no, gave up with those in the ground several years ago. J.


Oh thats a shame. I will give a wirl although i do have a lot of the slimey creatures breeding in my garden too.


Niger for pots. Orientalis in the ground.
Oh CIA, not south wall

The CIA have been monitoring the situation and The Great Wall of China is a much better option.


I think ive got it. In a pot is ok and not a south facing wall. How about North facing?

Thanks guys.

Im confused about the Great Wall of China.

Joslow having a joke. Been at the wine I think. Ha ha