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I've got a lemon drizzle cake in the oven, and some cinnamon buns, so will be making tea shortly after they come out - about 15 minutes I think.  If you want tea or coffee with caffiene in it, you'll have to bring your own.

Any more ideas about who,I am?

Christopher2 we know who you are-you are now Verdun -why?

Try clicking on the profile of Christopher 2 at the beginning of this thread

I think we all need a cup of tea and a pice of mummymuddy paws cake. The cinnabuns sound lovely what time are you putting the kettle on?

Maud, now that sounds grand


Sorry taken so long to reply havent had chance to get near lap top. Glad to see everything has calmed down must be the cake.

well it as been nice to se some warm wether this weak me bones have be aking somthin rotten over this long and cold winter.i ave ben busy in the garden an lots of stuf is starting to poke its ead thro the grond. idid ave to stay outside for quit a long time as i d ha a curry last nighte.

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