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My envy is for people who can make decisions - I'm really struggling to work out whether this garden can cope with a wildlife pond, and if so where it will go 

I can make decisions.  I'm thinking of making a decision right now......but I'm not too sure 

Lucy maybe those hellebores are in too shady a spot.  Think I would move one into a slightly more open position.  However, they make huge clumps underground so be prepared ta lift and move something heavy.  The other point is it acid there?  Hellebores like some lime.  A mulch of mushroom compost could make a big difference 

Orchid Lady
Lucy4 wrote (see)

Boasting can sometimes be good  - 


I agree Lucy, I'm learning to 'boast' on instruction from friends who feel that I spend far too much time putting myself down instead of focusing on the good things about me or that I have done!  It's been really strange getting compliments on here this week....strange but nice and most importantly I accepted them 


I'm boasting that I have two GH's. Sadly not for long, the wooden needs taking down as it's rotten/ dangerous. 

Envy, I want a huge GH as seen in magazines. Won't happen this year, OH thinks a new house roof is more important

Nut I really like Heucheras. I have a small pale green one which has rich pink flowers. When it flowers I will be asking if people know which it is.

star gaze lily

I've got pond envy . Thinking of getting a water feature this year so at the mo have envy of those too.


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I massively envy the people whose ponds are full of frog spawn. The frogs spurn my pond year after year.

I've also got greenhouse envy. I was intending to complete a landscaping project to make room for a second greenhouse (which I foolishly even ordered before the project had even been planned). Turns out that the materials aren't available for a couple of months so have had to put this off until the autumn. Ordered all the seeds too! 

Can't think of much to boast about but I do have a lovely grass bank covered with primroses.


I would also love a pond but am worried it may end up a stagnant pool!.


I do have 3 8 x 6 greenhouses, even though some have lost glass in the recent weather, i also have an 8 x 10 conservatory full of plants and OH is going to build another 12 x 8 so can fill that as well.


Trouble is, the more space you have, the more work you make yourself.

I cant believe I am so into gardening in such a short time, i only started digging the borders in 2011/12


I am envious of people who can post a comment on here with out having to go through the performance of submitting before writing then have to go into edit to make the comment.




Dovefromabove wrote (see)

My envy is for people who can make decisions - I'm really struggling to work out whether this garden can cope with a wildlife pond, and if so where it will go 

This is true for me. I can easily see what would work in other people's garden and give advice and design. Yet I stare at my garden and have no masterplan as I cannot see the wood for the trees. I want to curve the lawn, improve the soil, make a jungle style garden on the terrace, deck a play area, add nice border/lawn edging etc. Every time I try to do things I keep seeing other jobs to do and the vision gets lost.

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Lol Lyn, had to read a bit of your post again, I thought you put 38 greenhouses lol, should have gone to specsavers!!  But you must have a big garden to have 3,  Don't have a greenhouse, but we do have a nice potting shed.


I inherited this garden in 2010, it had been neglected for quite a few years but getting into shape now, I, like most people, have the vision but neither the time, man power or money to put it into practice, all my plants are from seeds, cuttings and Parkers bare root sales.

Orchid Lady

Not garden related but I'm envious of Louise because she has met Joe Elliott, and because she has a little bambino and mine are big and grumpy now!!  

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You could always have another Tracey 

And i'm envious cos my snowdrops haven't arrived!!

Orchid Lady

Mine have.....that's my boast for the day (sorry Lily )

Hmmmmm Lily, the thought has frequently crossed my mind but at 40 I don't know if I could start with sleepless nights all over again.  I did mention it to the boys as a joke a few weeks ago and the look on their faces was hilarious.......knowing how babies are made they were horrified that mum and dad could even think about it 

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Lol Tracey, can imagine the look you got.     But 40 not too old

Saw you'd got yours thats why i'm sulking 

Orchid Lady

I know 40 isn't too old and lots of people have babies at that age, but knowing what I'm like if I don't get my 7 hours sleep now I don't think I could cope LOL!!  Anyway, I'll mention it to OH, tell him my GW forum friends said........  



I'm also rather envying those who have their snow drops (though the weather doesn't feel snow drop weather any more!) They've taken my money but I've not even had an email yet.

Tracey - you'd adapt and get back in the swing of it all. Most probably with more ease than the first time round! (Just saying - no babies here, not for a few years yet!)

star gaze lily

Lol, Tracey, so long as I don't get the blame 

Clari, i haven't had an email either 

ah tracey, i am a v lucky girl, i'm also tiny bit older than you, as you may have gathered was a bit of a rock chick groupie so didn't settle down til mid 30s, don't be too envious, i am knackered!! i'm envious of anyone with a reasonably sized garden

Keyser Soze

Would be nice to have lovely weather all year round!

I would envy those with seasons then!

The grass is always greener...........

I sat outside in the sun this afternoon and pricked out my lettuce, cabbage and lobelia. And the ladies slipper orchid has survived and spread. The scilla I put in the front lawn last autumn hav'nt rotted, it's all exciting.