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Do have greenhouse envy though, big garden but no practical place to put a greenhouse.

Orchid Lady

Ha ha Mike  No more 'b' word, promise 

I'm glad I'm not the only one with greenhouse envy 


I have 'space' envy, I don't exactly want 'rolling acres', but a few more sq. metres would be great


Envy here- all those lucky people who have native primrose - can never find them and don't seem to take.

I have an offer today of some seedlings- so folks fingers crossed

I'm envious of Tracey cos she can't imagine sleepless nights ( and her kids are similar age to mine as I remember)
Also envious of KEF cos her brugmansia is showing new growth before mine.
Envious of all the garden knowledge you all have.


There is a lot of greenhouse envy.

I envy those with vision for their garden.  I want lots of space for all the plants I love, but need a plan.

Tracey - I know what you mean.

Orchid Lady

Mrs Garden, don't get me wrong, I do have sleepless nights but now it's through worrying and too much going on in my brain, but I have learned to manage it.  I never sleep for more than 5 hours at a time though but I usually get straight back to sleep and don't have to worry about settling a little one  My boys are 15 and 12 (almost 13) by the way  Being in the garden helps loads with sleep...or lack of!!

Orchid Lady

Also Mrs Garden, I just noticed another comment, garden knowledge, what garden knowledge? LOL  I'm just muddling along from info on here so can join you in that envy .......  I need more knowledge 


Oh, so much envy Was this your idea, Tracey. Think so. By the way, the boxer, S&G playing now!

Verdun, you took this on? We're all jealous of your garden, you rotten b****r!

Can't answer all I've seen so far, but in effort to catch up:- I got a GH for free Sept 2012 from my friends' Dad, 6x8, and he gave me new bolts and glass to replace what he broke taking down, all for free. So, I have a GH. I have a med to large garden with 2 sheds, a kids play area, good-sized, irregular shaped borders, 5 raised beds of 8x4' each, made from scaffolding boards.), a patio area, coldframe, and decent-sized lawn for play (although it gets smaller every yr!)  Very stony soil, a pain in backside when digging, but has made paths in fruitcage, and has probably enabled many plants to survive our wet winters. I have also stolen the boys' 8x4 sandpit, made from old sleepers, and added 3 plastic 2x2 rat cage bottoms given by a friend, and the boys already had old shell-shaped sandpits as gardens.

All o my garden gets full sun all summer, except the patio area next to conservatory, which is in deep shade,(North facing).

My envy?

Knowledge, Imagination, gut instinct, experience, an ability to plan, Time, a little more money. More shade for some plants, less wind (the wind is really bad), a different aspect to plant more climbers without cutting the sun I really need. Less need for sun.(not for plants, for me, My Dad is half caste African, and I seem to need more sun than him or any plant!) Somewhere to plant a peach or nectarine, Someone physical to talk through my plans, who is interested enough, and strong enough to talk me into, or out of ideas.

My ex once applied to one of those gardening programmes on the telly to have a makeover. I would have loved the stay in a hotel to keep me out of the way, but I know I would have hated anything they did to my garden without my explicit instructions!.

But I wouldn't care if they painted inside my house sky blue pink with a finny addy border!

So, I think my greatest envy would be the Knowledge, experience and artistic flair to mix the plants that I love into a beautiful, scented, wildlife friendly and useful garden. Another greenhouse wouldn't go amiss, either And 3 more coldframes!


Oh, I forgot compost envy! Can never make enough or get all I need to make it, then have to decide where best to use it. Our council doesn't sell the stuff they make back to us!Add to my garden 2 pallet heaps and 1 'dalek'. 

Gardenjeannie..I is so shocked.  You swore at me.  And you were my favourite girl here too 

I guess my ENVY is for those who can grow great roses and Japanese acers.  I grow a couple of jap maples  but could not hope to grow those yellow and orange foliage varieties.

Also of those who have a stream at the bottom of their gardens.  

Orchid Lady

GJ, I think I may have posted something on the Forkers thread which was verdun's inspiration 

Today I'm envious of all the sun the south and south west are going to's still grey here but the sun is trying to peep through 


"Also of those who have a stream at the bottom of their gardens."

Ohh, me too, but preferably at the bottom of a sloping garden!


I can boast one of them - and yes, luckily, very steep slope and very small stream


Matty, can't grow primroses here either. Shallow limestone. Primroses prefer less alkali, more moisture, but cowslips grow very well here. Cowslips grow well in the Cotswolds and I think this bit of Dordogne is more like the Cotswolds.

I envy people who can plant roses where they like without the deer eating them.


star gaze lily

Yippee, my snowdrops have just arrived.....

Yes, this thread was inspired by Tracey. But I get all the commission........


Orchid Lady

Not an envy as such, just something I would like........more hours in the day please 

Busy Bee2

Jealous of.....

Anyone whose greenhouse is already up and running. Anyone who can get a mini-digger round the back of their property without access problems.  Anyone who can get a hardy trachelospermum (which is thick will lovely healthy leaves) to bleeping well flower.  Anyone with a decent sized daphne.  Anyone with a swimming pool or a hot tub in the garden.  Anyone who doesn't have moles and rats (although we DON'T have mole-rats).  Anyone with a ride-on lawnmower.  Anyone with a fruit cage.  Anyone who doesn't have longstanding thistle roots and couch grass roots sending up weeds through everything they grow.  Anyone who is allowed to stick up a polytunnel.  Anyone who wasn't stupid enough to grow brassica seedlings, only to find they dry up, cos central heating is too much for them (wasted effort there!)  Still, lots of seeds left over.  Anyone whose bees make enough honey to justify nicking some, rather than subsidizing them over the winter with sugar syrup and fondant icing.   (Feeling like a one-way relationship)  But mostly..... ANYONE who has ever grown meconopsis from seed.  Did the whole fridge thing, got the seedlings up, but they always flunked.  My dad never cracked that one either.  If anyone's done it, let us know how! Boasting about.... Unlimited space.  Good climate.  Stream at bottom of garden plus slope to prevent floods (but you'd all laugh if you saw what this means in actuality!)  Snowdrops weeks ago - daffs, primulas, crocuses, irises now and tulips storming forwards.  Chilli and tomato plants thriving.  Potatoes in.  Unlimited supply of mature from round the corner ('free horse poo, PYO' the sign goes, so I just head round with a few gardening buckets.)  Just lost 1 stone 4lb.  That's about it I think.  xx

Some of your 'southern' heatwave would be nice right now. Had to double up on pegs on the washing in case I had to hunt for daughter's school uniform down the next road...

It's just a tad windy here and it ain't an overly warm one!