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Orchid Lady

Ha ha fairy, that was me yesterday when the wind kept blowing the towels off, had 4 pegs on each in the end. Got all my washing dry today which leads me to a new envy.....anyone that has their ironing done for them  Anyway, it will have to wait for tonight, things to sow/plant!! 


Busy Bee - if you move to Scotland you might get Meconopsis to grow. They like our climate.

I've never grown them though - because I really, really don't like the colour. Sorry..

Busy Bee2

Have to say that I do have some doubts about the colour FG!  Think you would have to think carefully about companion planting.  They are very blue, like Morning Glory, and would clash with a lot of things.  But knowing how hard they are, I am quite determined to succeed one day!


I think you're right - they need careful consideration in terms of other plants. Many people keep it subtle - lots of green foliage, bit of white etc so that the poppy is the star of the show. Only problem with that is, once they're over, you need something else to take their place or it could become a bit flat. Depends on the look you want though. I feel they work best in contemporary 'less is more' gardens. A Scandinavian look perhaps! 

Busy Bee2

Wouldn't really work round here - all rather traditional architecture etc.  You are right - I never really wanted them anyway!!



I'm envious of everybody who doesn't have Honey Fungus!  Discovered today that my favourite Acer (a beautiful red palmatum dissectum which had grown to about 6ftx6ft) has succumbed over the winter.

I'll have to hoik it out tomorrow but at least I can get to that area without stomping on too many bulbs and I have a new bit of space for something else.

Scott Edwards

Envious of everyone who has plants that haven't been squashed by size nine feet. Just has the fence repaired and now have several trampled plants. Very annoyed!

That's a shame Bob.   

This talk of not liking blue.......????   I LOVE  blue flowers. Could make quite a list of blue  flowering plants I grow.  As for associating them, well, they contrast and complement so many orange echinacea near a blue salvia, a yellow osteospermum in front of a blue flax, a blue delphinium behind a red dahlia, a blue caryopteris and geum Totally Tangerine......????? 

Orchid Lady

I am pleased to report that I no longer have seed envy  LOTS of seeds sown tonight and some bulbs/bare roots planted in pots too.  Very pleased with myself

Scott, I would be cross too 


My next door neighbour can only see blue flowers. I made him a list and the year I successfully raised a load of blue poppy  plants, I gave him half a dozen. They were planted in a group in shaded soil enriched with lots of horse manure. When they flowered , he bought me a bottle of champagne.

His blue poppies did better than mine. Must have been the horse poo.


WOW Verdun .

What have you created here?

You say.

"Ok, as suggested earlier, this is your ENVY thread to tease, wind up and boast"

I struggled with this topic 2 days ago and still am.

I found it fascinating and understand why everyone wants a bigger greenhouse ( no matter how big or expensive and good looking it is! There is never ever enough room, for us!)  That does not make it envy? as we may not have seen. We just have expectations of our future.

It must just be a gardening thing as i am still do not understand it as it is more of a vision than envy? 

I have thought long and hard and read the comments that have been said. There is very little tease/wind ups or boasts IT actually works in reverse. The comments made are put on other threads and direct back to hear. How funny! ( me included)


I think this thread should change its name to 'visions of the future' 

What do you think? No insult Vernun. Just a thought.

Not sure i am envious of anything? Is that normal?






PS. Daintiness. The joke is over now, can we all have our army of frogs back now, please.

Some people are getting envious. LOL.


Cross over but i did realise that there is one thing that i am envious of and i do not think that it will get any better, now.

"Great pics of newts Nut!( i know you mentioned before)  Yes Chichy. The males have great dark/black crests down there back of there spine and the females are smooth and a bit lighter with bright orange/ yellow tripe down the belly. I do hope they have plants to lay eggs on. Then again they would not be there if they did not.

Isn't nature wonderful, but is it art? 

Only if you can capture it on camera and share it."

I have just realised that i now have envy of people whose hands do not shake and have good vision?

Sad regards




Hello Edd

Tongue in cheek thread really.

Envy, of course, is a transient thing.....not like jealousy which is a permanent destructive state......and often implies a hope or ambition to have something quite simple or relatively commonplace.  In the context of this thread though it is to unite us in a bit of fun.  In reality I think we all like our own gardens in the place they are and as they are.  


Thanks Verdun. I knew what you meant by the thread.

I always see hope and ambition from members as a good thing. If i can put inspiration into that, then it can only become my ambition.

' I would just like to make a difference in this world'

That is all. Such a small thing.

Kind regards.


I'm envious of the garden I used to have, lovely clumps of small anemones,  pasqueflowers, special irises.  Where are they now?  Disappeared because of all the "improvements", changes of plan, fits of boredom and ambition.  I'm really regretful that garden centres seem to be getting worse and worse.  It's useless visiting them with any hopes of a purchase of something particular.  They will have hundreds of pots of what they want to sell, and of course endless scented candles, tea towels, dog baskets....... Book shops can get you books you want.  Ask for something you want in a garden centre, and they seem to resent it and think you are showing off or something.



I am envious of anyone who got to play in their garden yesterday.


Another big envy: All wonderful open/public/trust gardens you in the UK can visit!

green with envy!


busybee, I have some mecanopsis seeds germinating; so far they are about 8mm high they are in a heated propagator.

But have envy of your toms being so far ahead, mine have only just been sown.

Busy Bee2

Artjack, good luck is all I can say.  Dad and I always got them so far, and then they dampened off.  We did get some information from the RHS - we understood that they wanted cold and light, but not heat, but if you get them going in a heated propagator I would be interested to hear - maybe that is where we went wrong all that time.  Verdun, I think the thing about blue, is not a problem with the colour per se, but the nature of the blue.  Most blue in the garden is purplish.  Mecanopsis is probably nearer to green on the colour wheel, so it clashes with the other blues and purples.  I think it can look unnatural, which means placing it needs careful thought.  But hey, I can't even raise it, so I don't even have to think about it!!  (Sour grapes!)

True blue?  Salvia patens, salvia cacalifolia, gentians, ceanothus,,caryopteris,,ceratostigma, linum perenne, anemone blanda, Pulmonaria blue ensign, geranium black beauty, verbena rigida, blue hyacinths, felicia, agastache summer sky, Anchusa, penstemon Joyce grenfell....grow em all for their true "blueness"