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Orchid Lady

Now there's a song for the other thread Verdun, another favourite of mine 

Anyway, I'm here to discuss my envy of Stacey's chilli show for mine yet  (Although what can I expect when Stacey is the expert

Stacey Docherty

 There you go Tracey.... I'm no expert just an avid grower and as you can tell by the section still covered on the left where all bar one have not yet germinated  but this is cause I know the conditions weren't right!!!! 

Busy Bee2

They are all lovely, but definitely closer to purple than mecanopsis is.  Which is not to say they are not true blue, but that mecanopsis is slightly turquoisy.




 Hopefully the images above will demonstrate what I mean about the colours clashing a bit!!

Stacey Docherty

I reckon put some yellow and orange with those blues and it will look fab!!!! I like clash

Busy Bee2

Oh yes, totally.  Just not with each other.  Meconopsis would look lovely with marigolds!


Blue can look subtle too.  Classy colour ....if true blue. 

Stacey- they look good healthy seedlings. Mine are starting to shoot. They are sitting in the lounge by the window. Obviously the heat has helped 


Busy bee, so much to envy you for, but your grapes I can't even get sour ones, you lucky thing (sorreeee, couldn't resist. shall i get me 'at)

Verdun, i did so not actually really swear at you. If I add amazing pork crackling to the yorkie puds will you love me again?

Can I add access to any farmyard poo to my list of envy? And Edd's knowledge of composting and worms. But it won't be envy when you start that new thread, WILL IT, EDD??? not that I'm nagging or anything

Orchid Lady

I must admit to not being a fan of 'true' blue flowers usually, although I do love flowers such as bluebells (which are more purple).  However those blue ones above look beautiful and I think would go lovely with yellows or pinks, I've no idea what they are of course but they look pretty 

Gardenjeannie, you drive a hard bargain......but yes yorkie puds added to pork cracling will buy my total affection 

I would urge anyone to look at linum perenne, the blue flax, and not admire its true blueness   

This morning the scent from daff cheerfulness.....I have quite a few of amazing. 


Orchid Lady

Is that what the bottom picture is Verdun?  I will put it on my list for next year, I had better not buy any more this year 


My Himalayan blue poppies are just starting to emerge from the soil.

Here's my attempt to make you envious......My winter project turning this....


to this.....



Busy Bee2

Gardenjeannie - actually, we did get some sour grapes on the front of the house last year, but I think I have pruned the vine too late this year, and the sap will have been rising, so have probably made a grave error.  They were no use to man nor beast.  Even the birds didn't bother.  Tracie, if you meant the bottom picture of my four (cut and pasted from t'internet I hasten to add, not grown by yours truly!!) it is the mecanopsis.  From the top they are ceanothus (an amazing shrub/bush/tree which is covered in blue in early summer I think - I have failed to grow it both here and in another garden), the second is a gentian.  I have only ever seen one of these up in the Italian Alps - they are pretty rare I believe.  The third is just a hardy geranium (I think they will grow anywhere!), and the fourth is our subject for debate - the mecanopsis, which I think comes out April or May, but how would I know, since I have failed with it completely....!  BTW, in case any of you didn't see my other thread, here is the greenhouse so far....!


verdun, I totally agree about flax; it is the most wonderful blue, keeps on flowering for months flourishes in an area of poor dry soil and pops up year after year without being invasive; the perfect plant


star gaze lily

I'm envious, chris65, that looks great. Did you cut all those logs yourself or are they not real ones 


I have had a Mandarin duck on the pond this afternoon, envious or what?


Me, too, Chris65, that is going to look lovely once your plants fill it.

Oh, goody goody, Verdun, glad you still love me

Busybee, you might be lucky with your vine, fingers crossed. if so, hope you get better grapes this yr.

Yes, Doc, haven't seen one for years

Hello to all ...  enjoying this thread!

Busybee, just to "get your goat" I have to report that I managed to grow a dozen or so blue meconopsis sheldonii which are now nice sized plants and will be going in the border in a couple of weeks. Didn't do anything special ... just collected seed from one of my existing plants and sowed fresh. They came up quite quickly and have spent the winter in a coldframe. 

Oh ...  and I managed to get a record crop of honey from my bees last summer (500 lbs). Fingers crossed that we get another good summer. 

But .. I am totally envious of anyone with half decent soil! I have to seriously improve mine with copious amounts of compost / manure before I can plant anything. Digging a hole for a shrub requires a pickaxe. Still, good exercise!




envious of anyone with large south facing garden, still working out when sun catches my east and west back and front through year, envious of anyone with oh who shares love of gardening and v envious of anyone who doesn't get cripplingly sore back after an hours digging