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Lizzie all your hard work paid off, you have a beautiful garden.

lizzie your garden is breathtaking! kef and pd i'm in s yorks too...promised sun not here yet, little one didn't want to go to playgrou[p today so other screen has nursery rhymes on, good job you can't hear us singing away while i'm typing!

Busy Bee2

KEF I don't have a ceanothus - that was just a picture from the internet!!  I have failed to grow ceanothus on two occasions.  Don't think the soil round here suits it.  I hope your mecanopsis fights back!  BusyLizzie your garden is just beautiful - so green and natural looking.  It has inspired me for when I go further into the 'wilderness'.  What I have so far is built from recycled stuff on 2 ft of solid iron ore, not green enough really. 

star gaze lily

Oh Lizzie, your garden is absolutely beautiful. Do you have an olde worlde stone house. I am so envious.


Sorry, yes, lily. It's an old stone French farmhouse with beams. Like the garden, when we bought it in 1990, for what the English would think was a ridiculous price, it was in a state, burst pipes, mould growing like fur on the beams, filthy. Hadn't been lived in for 6 years and before that was a holiday home. But now it's lovely. Was a lot of work, but I was younger then, under 40 instead of 27!


Orchid Lady

Gorgeous garden Lizzie  My garden is south facing too Louise......sorry 

star gaze lily

Sounds wonderful Lizzie, my OH wanted to move to France a few years ago, but I can't leave my boys. We have friends with a 2nd home in France, its lovely its 3 stories and also made of stone with beams and beautiful fireplaces. I don't think the garden is as big as yours but its very pretty. We have had a few holidays there, its always so peaceful there.

Orchid Lady

I have French marigold babies, I know I that won't make you all envious as they are so easy to grow, but that's my only boast for the day and we should do at least one good thing a day 

star gaze lily

We got a brand new lawn mower today and I also manage to sneak in  8 plants too 

tres bien that's all i can manage! i have a french brother in law but that's nothing to be envious of!! i hope my new eglanyne rose will be something to envy by summer , tracey i'm envious of you large garden with so much scope you're going to have so much fun over the next few years, sorry if you've already said have you recently moved?

star gaze lily

I'd like a belfast sink and would love a walled garden..........


A walled garden, that would be great. Totally out of place here, but would love one.


Yes I would love a walled garden, possibly full of sinks and troughs!

Busy Bee2

I don't quite get the belfast sink thing for the garden.  We have a double Belfast sink in the kitchen - I get that - it's quite useful, but having them in the garden reminds me of the ghastly scav-man who lived next door when I was a kid.  He filled his garden to overflowing, with junk (including belfast sinks) and shouted abuse at the neighbours.  Rats moved in with him, he abused his wife and kids until they moved out. 

But a walled garden - oh yes.  I can just imagine all the weed seeds that fly through the air here hitting the wall and not getting in.  Just imagine, rows and rows of Victorian bricks and lime mortar, peach espaliers doing the air hostess dance across the south facing walls, grape vines in the long orangery, interspersed with bougainvillea and date palms, a trug next to the lavender, four different varieties of cabbage - some of them purple, companion planting, butterflies, a reclining cat, terracotta plant pots, the burble of Radio Four coming from the potting shed, a bed full of flowers for the house.  I've spent too many hours in NT gardens and watching costume dramas, haven't I!



I delivered to a huge Grade 1  listed building in Cornwall yesterday , and , on the way out, saW a white painted gate,, slightly ajar, into a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge walled garden:  THAT'S GOT ENVY WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

Busy Bee2

I bet they could afford the gardeners to tend to it too!

Orchid Lady

It's been a while since any of us were envious, so I thought I'd resurrect ANOTHER of Verdun's threads 

I'm envious of two things at the bunting and accessories for the garden 

And being a lady of leisure, although Lily deserves it, I'm still envious and will probably have to wait about 20 years yet 

Envy can be a good can inspire us to achieve something.  Jealousy,however, is the big bad boy.  No cure for jealousy.  

I'm so envious of the guy I see in the mirror in the mornings......that handsome fellow. 

Orchid Lady

I agree Verdun......don't do jealousy it just eats away at you 

I don't agree with the mirror thing though.....I don't think I'll ever be envious of who I see in the mirror each morning 

Another envy for me......Agapanthus.....but a trip to the local GC later might resolve that