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Busy Bee2 wrote (see)

I don't quite get the belfast sink thing for the garden.  We have a double Belfast sink in the kitchen - I get that - it's quite useful, but having them in the garden reminds me of the ghastly scav-man who lived next door when I was a kid.  He filled his garden to overflowing, with junk (including belfast sinks) and shouted abuse at the neighbours.  Rats moved in with him, he abused his wife and kids until they moved out. 

But a walled garden - oh yes.  I can just imagine all the weed seeds that fly through the air here hitting the wall and not getting in.  Just imagine, rows and rows of Victorian bricks and lime mortar, peach espaliers doing the air hostess dance across the south facing walls, grape vines in the long orangery, interspersed with bougainvillea and date palms, a trug next to the lavender, four different varieties of cabbage - some of them purple, companion planting, butterflies, a  reclining cat, terracotta plant pots, the burble of Radio Four coming from the potting shed, a bed full of flowers for the house.  I've spent too many hours in NT gardens and watching costume dramas, haven't I!

Walled gardens     I'm with you there BusyBee2. Can never get enough when visiting places, living a dream!


The garden I have used to be walled and very big but it was split up a long time ago.  I didnt get any of the walled bit next door has the wall on his left side and another bit of the wall is on the far side of the drive to my right god  knows where the bottom part is.  I have always wanted a walled garden so I am very envious of anyone who has.  Im also envious of anyone who has a large healthy honeysuckle near to their door.  I love the smell but can never seem to get one going. Oh and minton tiled hall floors.  I have a red and black clay tiled floor but a minton would be my ideal, Ill stop now even though I could go on all day.


Verdun - do you have an intruder?? 

Codswhollop fishy .........get it?  Good eh? 


I am envious of Monty Don's watering can which is always full and his wheelbarrow which is always empty!




Jealous of nothing , envious of lots. Envious of my neighbours brilliant red geraniums, loads of em and he doesn't even tend them. 

Envious of folk who look 'cool' whilst gardening, I always look like I've been in a fight with my hair standing on end and dirty hands n nails. But oh I'm so happy in my garden.

Brilliant thread Verdun.

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