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Ok, as suggested earlier, this is your ENVY thread to tease, wind up and boast.....

I have a double purple hellebore in full flower with purple foliage.....envious?  

Orchid Lady

Ha ha Verdun, you are funny 

I have 3 at the moment;

1. Greenhouse envy because I have a flat packed new greenhouse in my dining room but the weather every weekend has been rubbish and I haven't got it up!!

2. Seedling envy because my chillies are the only seed sown and haven't made an appearance yet......this is being rectified tomorrow and Saturday!

3. Snowdrop envy because Allium's have arrived and mine haven't, but I have got an email to say they are on their way 

I'm not envious of your Hellebore because I am a newbie and at the moment am very proud of the 2 that I have got, but ask me again this time next year

I do feel a need to boast about my borders though, I am VERY proud of them, not bad at all for a newbie 


Verdun, I need to see the pictures.... so we can all drool.

star gaze lily

I'm envious,  cos my snowdrops haven't arrived yet and I haven't got an e-mail about them either   

Hello all

Tracey - your response made me chuckle. I think you beat me on the comms front- no comms as to when they would arrive so nice surprise when they did

I have greenhouse envy even though i have a greenhouse. I need a bigger greenhouse i think. Sssh dont tell OH

I must admit i envy your borders Tracey - the sleepers make them look fab.

How about I have just planted up a Hammamelis Mollis- envious?

Verdun - your Hellebore sounds lovely - tried to get a double Hellebore at the GC last weekend but alas only single ones.

Hiw a


I agree with Fidget - need to see pictures of the double Hellebore

I wouldn't worry Star Gaze. I didn't either

Hoping Tracey and Star Gaze get their Snowdrops in time for the weekend so we can all boast about our drifts of snowdrops

Orchid Lady

Yes Verdun, we need visual evidence of your hellebore beauty

Awww thank you Allium, very kind of you to say so. I think that's 2 compliments in one day, I'm not used to that 

Lily, ours will be here tomorrow, and they wouldn't have got planted today anyway because it's rained all day 

What a funny thread. 

Great thread

You are welcome Tracey

knowledge and experience envy!

... if i had to choose one it would be greenhouse envy ... 


I have weekday gardening envy   But I can't pack the day job in as i need something to support my plant buying habit


Ditto Chicky  I have plant identification envy, but am learning! Thanks to the forum I managed to successfully identify something in my parents garden  

I have envy of anyone with a 'real' greenhouse.

I am envious of Fidget's garden! Very nice, even in winter! 

I have 9 baby hellebores that should be ready to plant out next year . . . and some of them are doubles . . anyone want to be envious of me? 


That should do it Mike. Good job you've got the tin helmet. 

I do like hellebores but there are many very popular plants that I really can't love. Heucheras for a start.



COMPOST... Last year I made 3 large darlek like containers, 2 metre square home made compost bins and 25 compost bags of home made compost, enough to cover my third -to  half acre garden with enough left for bean trench and veg patch.

I was told off last year for bragging and told that it wasnt a race or some such words, I just make good compost and get a lot of material to do it with.

I am envious of anyone who can get the plastic greenhouses to stay put in the wind.





Mike, until this last year, I have to admit I could take or leave them.Mine were 20 year old, spread around a bit, in a shady place that nothing much else grows, and tend to be ignored.  However, the new breeding lines coming along in the last 20 years have changed them out of all recognition. Look at the photos on Ashwood nurseries site.

Then if you can, go visit the nursery. The actual plants are better than the photos show.  The big polytunnel full is mind blowing. I'm now digging out the old ones and replacing with new improved versions. I hope to grow some nice seedlings on using the Ashwood  plants as parents. Some of them look like dahlias except they flower in winter and less trouble.


Ashleigh 2

I have greenhouse, hellebore and snowdrop envy, also full sun and big garden and if anyone has a smoke bush Cotinus coggygria I am green with envy.


Woohoo! Lyn, my plastic green house has never shifted  

Had to replace the cover though 


Lidl have mini polytunnel type greenhouses at £40.  cheaper than replacing the cover. Use the old frame as staging.


Planted three Hellebores in suitable shady corner 30 years ago and still waiting 

for flowers - should I give up ??  Envy, is driving me to agree with Mike Allen.

All  hope is withered ! 

We do have heaps of snowdrops, primroses and euphorbia,all in flower, and

Ashleigh2 we have a Cotinus coggyria.   Boasting can sometimes be good  - 



I have UK garden equipment and plant choice envy! Can't get half of what you can here!And greenhouse envy 1) can't afford one, 2) no room to put one!