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Thats sooooooooo funny.  Like it 


And do you have a toffee apple tree as well?

Fidget, I would love one of those.  What's the Latin name for it?    Core blimey, I'm a "stickler" for proper names.  



It's Malus stickifingerus Verd.

You can trust me ...I'm a doctor...


Malus suavitas, probably..  Good luck in finding one, Verd!  It would look great between your marzipan bush and the liqueur fountain!

....if you were all in the same room, you guys humour could be life threatening ...!!!!

Right 'tis the start of a new week and most of the garden plants are still suffering an identity crisis...but I am getting there...

...the first 3 borders are now just about all photoed, identified, plant details found and now have their own wee file on the computer...

The plan is to have a reference point for each border and therefore each plant within this existing garden... that is all well and good if this darshed fool (me...!!!) had thought to take the bl**dy pictures when the garden/plants were in flower...therefore making them easier to identify but no that would have been too easy and would have required more forethought...(something I am not well known for)... who am I trying to kid, I would never have known what most of them were when in full bloom anyway...!!!


here are the next three piccies...

Identity crisis Number 4

Now my neighbour swears this is an Aster but I thought it was a had largeish blue harebell like flowers that seemed to wither and go papery really quickly...I kept deadheading and that seemed to keep it flowering...

...if you look on the left very close to this plant is someat else which for the life of I cannot remember the colour of the flowers...looks like I cut it back and the leaves are starting to come again...You get extra points if you can identify that one...!!!

Identity Crisis Number 6

 This one is still flowering now (you can see the flowers if you zoom in on the piccie)...the leaves are sort of feathery(ish)

Thanking you for your time





Piccies Number 5 seems to not have appeared, so I will try again...

Identity Crisis Number 5

 God alone knows what this one is ...but it did a good impression of trying to die last turned black...!!!...I was going to dig it up but in my bone-idleness decided to leave to see what if anything would 'appen...well low and below it recovered and and a shed load of white flowers on it...

At the moment it doesn't look too bad so much so that it has shot out 2 long shoots up the front of the I cut them orf...???..(before or after it turns black...!!!)





Now I'm confused Carmic, which one has the harebell like flowers?

The one with the feathery leaves is an achillea, I don't know which one.

Number 4 has the harebell like flowers Nutculet...

Is that really Achillea...I thought it was a rather well looked after weed...!!!

This gardening lark is fun isn't it...!!!



It may be a weed Carmic, yarrow is an achillea. But I think it's not the weed.

4 must be one of the campanulas, asters don't have leaves like that and they have daisy flowers. Though it looks more like a violet to me. 

I don't recognise the shrub


Funny you should say that, nut, I thought 4 looked like a violet as well!


Are you sure you photographed the right one Carmic?

Yes Nutcutlet...This is the one with the harebell like flowers...

Oh crumbs I think it was this one...

Now you have got me thinking...(always a dangerous habit for me is thinking...!!!)...No I am almost certain the blue flowers were on this one...oh bl**dy hell could have been that one to its right that I cut back...oh heck I am not sure now...




I think we can safely say it's not an aster anyway

Is there nothing left to see on the one you cut back?

Next year all will be revealed

I must have been rather brutal to that one on that day Nutcutlet...

This is more of a close up....there are only a couple of leaves showing...







No 4 is a violet. I think the campanula is too over to tell, but if it had harebell like flowers it is almost certainly a campanula. However, there are many different sorts, blue, pink, purple, tall, short, oval leaves, long leaves???

Number 6 is an achillea or yarrow. Could even be the weed one which is white, but the leaves look better quality.

Number 5 looks like the climber, Star Jasmine or - wait for it! - Trachelospermum Jasminoides. Covered in white perfumed flowers in summer. Can be tender in winter. Mine went black 2 years ago (-17°) but recovered in early summer and grew lots of new leaves. Trim it to keep it tidy and cut off any dead bits in spring. It will wind up a support if you give it one.

Right thats it done...I have (Well actually YOU have...but I might claim all of the credit...)...have now identified all the plants in 3 out of the 18 or so borders and I have made a file on the computer...

It's right fancy...there are photos, plant details, latin names, the whole bl**dy caboodull...I am feely right chuffed with mesell...!!!

It has been a right drawn out affair but I think it will all be worth it when I print it orf...

...all I need now is a very large bank loan to pay for the bl**dy ink will need shed loads me thinks...



...oops forgot to say...that savage and brutal cutting back plant must be the Campanula and all on hear say that the other one is defo a violet...trouble I canny find plant details for a Violet on the plant search option on this site...According to Google a Violet is called Viola Reichenbachiana but I still could nay find it...

So many many many thanks to all that are helping me to identify this garden...I really really appreciate it...