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google sweet violet or wild violet but make sure you're on a uk site. They're all wild somewhere in the world.

It's not that one with the long name.



This is an image of sweet violets also known as viola odorata. This is probably what you have got.

Bit invasive here.....keeps popping up 


and here

 that's good.


Well so much for me feeling chuffed with myself for finishing photgraphing and identifying the first 3 borders of the garden....

All I am doing now isI am sat 'ere comtemplating my navel, because...

Basically I must 'ave done someat wrong.....

I have done the whole thing in Writer...(similar to Word but free) and the file is 36 pages long...(its got about 20 photos in it altogether.)

...and it has turned out to be 83.333KB... thinks that is just a tad too big...(gord alone knows what a KB is but my computer has slowed down and feels like a ticking bomb waiting to blow itself to smithereens...)


...I am orf to my bed to sulk......



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