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Has anyone grown Wysteria from cuttings? There's conflicting advice online, and I've never taken a cutting of anything before!

I saw a Wysteria plant at Homebase, but it was £30! I'd much rather give it a go myself!




Wisterias are expensive because they're grafted. Cuttings can take over 20 years to flower ( which is why growers graft previously flowered wood onto a rootstock). Growing from seed is the same thankless task. If you want one, I'm afraid you're going to have to buy one.

Dove, thanks, that's a useful thread and Charlie November's method sounds sensible. Will try his method.

Sweetpea93, Give it a go! I'm trying to layer a cutting on this year's growth and from the woody part of the branch and now charlies method.

Watch this space - but don't hold your breathe!


Not strictly a cutting, but I found that the long whippy shoots will layer if pegged down. A year to root and two to flower in new position.

 This is the layered plant on its own roots. The grafted plant has not flowered this year.


Adding that method to my trials Fidgetbones, your wisteria looks lovely, good growth.

I'll search for a suitable shoot once it stops raining - just had a welcome thunder storm, hope the water but is filling up.

I'm more than happy to be patient in regards to flowering! Thanks for the advice everyone.

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